Why You Need Ron Paul On Your Sales Team

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Yes, it is true: if you want to succeed in today’s economy, you need a Ron Paul on your sales team. You’ve heard me say it over and over: this economy has changed, it is a different time and it calls for a different type of sales person. This is what I call a “Trust and Value (read on...)

Don’t Ask for Referrals – How Professional Financial Advisors Get Client Referrals

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Don’t ask for referrals? Heresy, you say! Well, hear me out before you tune me out. Just like you, I have heard a number of so-called sales experts extol the virtues of why you should ask for referrals. I have listened to these pundits and I have attended conferences and workshops where the (read on...)

Using the SMART Objectives in Attaining Your Goals in Sales

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Any business man who wants to succeed in his respective field needs sensible and tangible objectives to obtain his goals. Likewise, if a company states that they would reap two billion dollars in revenues by the end of the year, it should definitely start with an attainable objective in which its (read on...)

The Three Most Common Mistakes Sales People Make

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Most people who work in sales get into a routine way of working pretty quickly and this tends to stick for a good while. Days, weeks and months pass and before you know it, you’ve been using the same system over and over again. Now that you’ve formed this habit, how much of it is (read on...)

5 Powerful Ways to Sell More to Your Customers by Email

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I love the whole idea of selling by email because it can get results so quickly and effectively. However, having done some research in this area, the most obvious and easily avoidable mistakes are sometimes made. This can be costly for the sales person and the business if the customer or (read on...)

Consultative Sales – 7 Steps to Hire the Right Person

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Consultative sales people don’t like to talk and they usually are not the best golf players, either. They are good listeners, they understand the challenges in the marketplace, and they are consistent in their database management. In short – get rid of the MAD MEN fantasy, the fifties (read on...)

Qualify the Buyer

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It doesn’t matter what you sell – if you don’t qualify the buyer, you are wasting your time. Qualify the buyer as early in the process as you can. That does not mean you forget building relationships. That does not mean you are rude. It simply means, buyers are buyers and (read on...)

Cold Calling Does Work – Have You Tried It Lately?

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According to Guerrilla Selling, “They’re called ‘cold calls’ because of the shiver that runs up our spine every time we have to make one.” Fear of the 25 pound phone which we just can’t pick up.Fear of rejection.Fear of a dozen other things.How about fear of (read on...)

Three Powerful Sales Techniques

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Here are three powerful sales techniques that when adopted on a regular basis, cannot fail to produce high numbers of sales. Sometimes even though something may seem obvious, it becomes much more effective when applied in greater amounts when one person communicates with another. 1. (read on...)

Feedback and Coaching for New Sales Reps – Millennials Believe More Is Better!

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Much has been written about Millennials – a generation comprising 26% of the population who will have significant impact on the workplace. Yet one aspect of Millennials in the sales force only tangentially touched, but which will have significant implications for sales management,is the (read on...)