The Company Brochure: Print Marketing Can Still Drive Sales in the Digital Age

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In the rush to implement the “latest and greatest” techniques (read: untested), too many marketers overlook simple, proven methods for driving business. Take the humble sales brochure. It has fallen out of favor with many marketers, who view brochures as nothing more than another (read on...)

What to Include in a Brochure For Your Business

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Your Company Business Brochure should be one of the most powerful documents in your armoury and its contents and image should not be chosen lightly. But before setting about with the creation your brochure you must be clear of its purpose, it should not be designed as a glorified employment tool, (read on...)

10 Things To Consider When Reprinting Your Brochure

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Many businesses promote their services with a 3 fold A4 brochure. I know it is easy to just reprint your existing brochure – particularly when you are in a hurry! Plan ahead and before you run out next time, consider the following thoughts: Ask 10 business people you know to review your (read on...)

6 ‘Must Know’ Tips For Creating A Killer Business Brochure

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Marketing collateral on steroids: How to write the ultimate sales brochure for technical products (and other products and services) One of the responsibilities of the advertising sales manager for a process equipment manufacturer is to serve as liaison between the advertising agency hired by the (read on...)

Producing Effective Sales Brochures

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Converting sales leads into income is a top priority for many businesses. Many companies spend a great deal of time and money recruiting and training their sales team in the hope that they can create a powerful sales force that can produce significant sales leads and revenue. However, these same (read on...)