Top 3 Reasons Why People Don’t Close the Sale

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When you’re in sales, what is your desired outcome? Is it to make a certain amount of sale calls? Perhaps it’s establishing and keeping rapport throughout the encounter? or maybe it’s to build trust and strong client relationships? All of those goals mentioned are important but (read on...)

Improving Sales Ability

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There is something that all businesses have in common, that is the fact that they are in business to make sales. Of course, the type of sales that they make is going to differ from one business to another. Some are, in essence, going to be selling themselves as is the case with cleaning companies (read on...)

Control Your Destiny to Grow Revenue

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Recently, a company asked me to meet with them to see if I could help their business. They had reached $25 million in revenue. But, in recent years, they had dropped initially back to $22 million, and then down to $19 million in their most recent year. Their director of business development had (read on...)

Why Aren’t You Selling As Much As You Should?

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If you are like most companies, your sales conversation starts in one of two ways: a detailed PowerPoint laundry list of your features and benefits or you look at them and ask “What keeps you awake at night?” In either case, you are putting yourself behind the eight ball right from (read on...)

A Stunningly Simple Secret to Improve Sales Success

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If you could invest just a few hours to dramatically improve the results of your sales efforts, would you? “Of course!” you’re probably thinking. “What’s the catch?” There isn’t one. All it takes is a little focus and discipline. So what’s the (read on...)

4 Simple Sales Tips, If You Hate Selling

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Let’s face it, sales is here to stay. Your success in business depends upon your ability to sell your product or service. So with that said, it’s high time you get an attitude adjustment about sales. “I hate selling!” or “I can’t stand salespeople!” If I (read on...)

The ONE Thing You Need to Succeed

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My 11-year old son is an avid soccer goalkeeper. I’ve noticed a pattern with him and the other players on his team that is similar to what I see with salespeople in business. Specifically, each player is often trying to convince their parents that they need one thing that will make them (read on...)

Cash Flow – How to Stop the Bleeding!

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4 Areas and Questions to Improve Cash Flow Cash Flow is the life blood of any and every business. Cash is king and your business needs it to stay alive. Below are 4 areas and questions to help you improve the cash flow of your business. Spending Do you have a system that helps you identify what (read on...)

Thinking About Time and Sales

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For the longest time, no pun intended, I have been talking about how a sale if affected by the length of time that it takes to complete. What I have said, repeatedly, is that the longer the sale takes out of normal sales cycle, the less likely it is going to happen. Further, the longer a sales (read on...)

Change Leads Into Sales

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A little while ago Jason Rudland presented a webinar called “Turn Your Website Into a Sales Funnel.” The main point of Rudland’s webinar was to teach business owners how to change their leads into sales. He had many good points on little things that a business can do in order to (read on...)