Planning Projects

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The five vital phases of a project are planning, leading, organizing, managing and executing. Out of these planning plays a vital role in the project. It makes sure that the project is in the best quality, in time and cost efficient and finally satisfies the stake holder’s objective of the (read on...)

Double-Edged Risk

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Risk is a simple four-letter word that can mean the next breakthrough or represent impending failure. In the business world risk is generally defined as a “potential problem or threat that could affect the project/program/business ability to meet its commitments (e.g.- capabilities, (read on...)

What Does A Politically Incorrect View of the Job Outlook Imply For Your Business?

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Just when you thought the world was getting back to some form of normal, the economy changed again. And it looks like turbulent and roller coaster economic volatility is still here for the next few years. For business that has to make decisions with mid-term and long-term effect, you want real (read on...)

Is It Time To Prudently Move Forward For Those Who Know Their Fiscal Condition?

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Welcome back to the roller coaster economy. Some say we it will be years before we leave this highly volatile economy, making it crucial to alternate between aggressive opportunism and hunkering down to avoid risk. Remember those older people who drove with one foot on the brake and one foot on (read on...)

Is Now the Time to Skimp on Your Directors and Officers Coverage?

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All insurance coverage seems like a necessary evil with the tendency is to try to economize where possible. After all why pay money for a product you hope to never use? Then think how esoteric D&O insurance coverage is to the layperson. Having just pointed out to a client as part of an (read on...)

CIOs Are Trying To Do Innovation The Wrong Way

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As the world slowly recovers from its great economic recession, CIOs are gearing up to help their companies do battle with their competitors. Everywhere in this great land you can hear the same words being repeated “I want more innovation!” Umm, OK. It turns out that innovation (read on...)

The First Line Manager – Knowing Is Risky Business

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Thinking you know; Knowing; knowing you know. There is a difference. This difference determines how and when you make decisions in your organization. Your ability to make good decisions is the basis for the building of trust in you by employees. Thinking you know, can lead to problems. At the (read on...)

Strategic Followership: Helping Leaders Understand Risk and Embrace Opportunity

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It is difficult to focus the attention of very senior leaders on things they have not asked for. They are tightly scheduled and preoccupied with many issues that have significant consequences. Bringing a matter to their attention that is clearly related to their established priorities, makes the (read on...)

First Things First: 3 Questions Every New CIO Needs To Be Asking

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No matter if you’ve just been made CIO at your firm or if you are joining a new company as its CIO, you are going to be facing the same problem: what do you need to do first? Make the wrong decision and your time as CIO may be very short. Make the right decision, and everything else will be (read on...)

Offering More Than Just Sandwiches

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Publically traded companies often take a lot of heat from the general public (you and I) and very often it’s for good reason. It often seems that all that matters is how much money the company is bringing in or where their stock price stands at any given moment. The reality is that (read on...)