It Takes Leadership To Make Your Business Successful

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Cutting edge technologies, a great vision and best practices alone can’t make your business successful. Your organization must also be passionate about your vision of being extraordinary in your market place. This passion is best uncovered in your organization through good Leadership. If (read on...)

Leading Is Dealing and Staying Aligned

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The three words in the title of this article have one thing in common: they are all comprised of the same letters, but they all mean something else, yet, together they send a strong message for those of us who want to take our entrepreneurial ventures to the next level. If you’re already an (read on...)

Let’s Celebrate the Successes of Your Subordinates

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Being a leader or a superior, do you always praise your subordinates when they achieve success in their work? Seriously speaking, some superiors or employers do not praise their subordinates at all as they find that it is not necessary. In their point of view, they believe that the salary is (read on...)

The Law of Reinforcement in Management Process

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Reinforcers induce and enhance the association between the cue and the expectancy. This leads to increased performance levels and positive attitude development. This is an effective and efficient strategy that has been proved to be successful. Reinforcement is inevitable for learning process and (read on...)

Turning Employees and Recruits Into Advocates

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I’ve read several books and articles over the years about transforming employees into advocates. As business owners and managers, one of our greatest challenges is developing comprehensive strategies for recruiting, hiring, developing, rewarding and recognizing our employees. It’s (read on...)

Treating People As Commodities

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The culture treats people as commodities I see it everywhere – people working in jobs which carry little meaning and provide little support for personal development. Worst, the culture treats people as commodities. Performance review systems, manager-employee meetings, and even rewards are (read on...)

Compensation and Rewards – A Balancing Act

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Many companies link compensation to performance, believing that it will motivate people to make the organization more successful. In some cases performance does increase. Innovation thrives best when the organization’s success is made the focus, rather than the success of any individual or (read on...)

5 "Tough Love" Tips For Managing Procrastinators’ Excuses

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“Never do today what you can put off until next week!” is the internal driver of the procrastinator. Your job of managing procrastinators is to change the internal voice into, first “Do it today or face the pain of consequences.” Over time you want even that little (read on...)

Treat Your Employees Right and Reap the Rewards

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Everyone who’s worked at an office or in any other business has likely dealt with a boss who was unpleasant, demanding, and downright negative. This makes coming to work each day an unpleasant experience that you’d likely prefer to avoid dealing with altogether. If you’ve found (read on...)

Looking After Yourself and Your Staff at Work

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Wouldn’t it be great if our bodies could diagnose and fix themselves so we wouldn’t have to worry about going to the dentist, or visiting the doctor and you’d never fall foul of the usual round of cold and flu viruses that magically appear at this time of year? Unfortunately, (read on...)