Winning at the Shelf With Instant Field Intelligence

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To survive and prosper today, Consumer Products manufactures and suppliers must be ready to win when it matters – in that first moment of truth when a shopper enters a store or stands at the shelf ready to make a purchase. Success in this brief moment, repeated hundreds and thousands of (read on...)

Mobile Sales Force Automation Solutions – A Real-time Link to the Supply Chain

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From food and beverage to appliance and toy manufacturers, it is not unusual for consumer products manufacturers to spend months of time and millions of dollars planning and creating trade promotion and retail marketing campaigns. Yet the success of even the best go-to-market plan depends upon (read on...)

Taking Retail Execution to the Next Level

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In today’s complex retail environment, bottom-line growth depends on more than product innovation, sophisticated supply chains and analytical marketing. It requires excellence on the front lines – in the stores where, after many months of planning, the critical difference between (read on...)