Small Business Marketing – Building a Resume for Your Small Business

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What is the first thing a job seeker does when looking for a job? They make a resume. Yet most small businesses do not have a resume. Both the job hunter and the small business have the same audience — a person who wants to hire somebody who is talented, reliable, and experienced. However, (read on...)

Marketing Your Online Resume-Writing Business

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Starting an online resume business is actually quick and easy. Most people can start an online business with just a few hours at the computer, yet most won’t make it much beyond that point. Not because their owners lack a good business idea or the right amount of dedication/hard work, but (read on...)

Why You Need a Personal Brand

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What do the most successful people over 50 have in common? They know and express who they are. They have honed and communicated their professional identity and made others aware of their personal attributes – their expertise, talents, and deepest commitments. In other words, these people (read on...)