Restaurants Use Every Door Direct Mail to Beat the Heat

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The summer season is typically a slow season for restaurants. It is very common and happens to many indoor dining restaurants. When the weather is warm people tend to want to eat outside to enjoy it. Also in the summertime, it gets dark later so people don’t even think about eating dinner (read on...)

Coupons Vs No Coupons For Restaurants

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Some people will argue that having coupons will diminish the status of a restaurant. Generally, coupons are a great way to present a valuable asset to a restaurant. For the new customers that want to be able to try out a new place for the first time and for the current customers looking for a (read on...)

Creating A Successful Social Media Strategy for Restaurants

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You probably have heard all about the benefits about using social media for your restaurant and all the different types, but do you actually know how to use it effectively? Connection to these sites allows restaurants to have almost 24 hour access to their customers and what’s even better (read on...)

How-To Use Car Signs To Market Your Restaurant

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For businesses that use fleet vehicles, it’s important to capitalize on the potential of covering these vehicles with signage. The vehicles are in-use daily anyway, so why not use car signs to help drive business? There are a variety of car sign products that grab customer’s (read on...)

Avoid These 7 Menu Printing Mistakes (That Could DESTROY Your Business!)

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Menu printing is the one type of advertising that never fails. When a customer receives your menu, they have to make a decision – “Am I hungry? Do I want this?” More often than not (if your food looks incredible), the answer is “yes!” Menu printing help to increase (read on...)

Menu Printing Tips – How Takeout Menus Could Save Your Restaurant

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A lot of pizza operators believe that they will flourish in the business simply by making great food and listing their food and prices on a piece of paper. This concept is flawed, and more often than not, will fail. In this highly competitive age, other restaurants are constantly coming up with (read on...)

The Best Colors to Use for Pizza Menus

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Because the object of a pizza menu is to sell pizzas, special attention must be placed on the colors chosen for their ability to sell food. Some colors are ‘appetizing’ while others are not, based on psychological studies and statistical analysis. Of course it is always safe to stay (read on...)

Who is to Blame?

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A few weeks ago I was pulled over in my own drive way. The officer informed me that I was being cited for not having my seat belt on. I explained that I just unlatched it 2 driveways away from my own. He smiled and gave me my ticket and wished me a fond farewell. This happened in my FRONT YARD! (read on...)

What is a Restaurant Point of Sale System?

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You may have become a restaurateur recently and are wondering if you should install a restaurant point of sale system. A point of sale system, or POS system for short, is a kind of computer system used to manage customer sales and other business functions much more efficiently than had been (read on...)

Advertising and Marketing Bars and Restaurants – Current Options and New Technologies

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The owners of bars and restaurants have turned to the newest technologies in order to advertise their places of business. The best current options in advertising and marketing bars and restaurants tend to be online in some form or another. Traditional internet marketing can be somewhat sketchy, (read on...)