Average Direct Mail Response Rate – You Might Be Surprised

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Average Response Rate I’ll cut to the chase. The average direct mail response rate is 2.5%. Surprised? Most business owners are when they hear this. Direct mail response rates vary between 1% and 3%. Very rarely is 4% or 5% attained and should never be expected. So, if you’re (read on...)

Increase Your Response Rate With This Killer Promotional Food Gift Tactic

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When choosing promotional items, it’s important to look for unique, quality items that will really get noticed. Although it might be tempting to try to lower your advertising budget by choosing lower-quality, inexpensive items, this is rarely an effective strategy. If you take the time to (read on...)

How to Make Your Advertising Make More Money

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I was glued to the computer monitor watching the real-time results come in. No, this wasn’t an election, this was business and the stakes were high. I’d convinced my biggest client at that time to make a big change and I was eager to see the results. I was absolutely convinced that (read on...)

A/B Test Is a Key to Success!

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Marketing your products is like reasoning with teenagers- what works today may not work tomorrow. A 10% discount or two for one sale may perform beautifully in one marketing but not another. Or it may work better one month than another. So how do you know what marketing technique to use? (read on...)

Advertising – How to Make It Work for You

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One of the question we often get asked in business by our clients is – where should we spend on money on advertising? Now this is always the 6 million dollar question and it’s a very difficult one to answer. The only way to actually answer it correctly is to explain the concept of (read on...)

Marketing in a Recession – How to Get Clients When You Would Swear No One Is Buying

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Successful Marketing in a Recession Marketing in a recession really isn’t that different. Maybe I should say SUCCESSFUL marketing in a recession isn’t that different. As a business coach who’s worked with lots of struggling businesses to help them not just survive this (read on...)

Is Your Advertisement Getting a Good Response Rate?

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Spending a sufficient amount of time to research, design and finalize your print ad is a key component to its success. While you may not feel completely confident with your ad, there are a few secrets to increasing the power of your marketing piece. Your ad will consist of graphics, headlines, (read on...)

Safelist Advertising Is Not What It’s Cracked Up to Be

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Be wary of Any Safelist site that offers you Free Safelist Blaster. The server costs for safelists that Do Send Members emails is expensive. It is impossible to give you the opportunity to operate your own safelist at no or low cost and I am 99% certain that you would be operating a No Email (read on...)

3 Steps to Organizing a Successful Survey – Lesson Learned

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Introduction: Lessons Learned When it comes to surveys, there is more involved than merely jotting down a few simple questions and asking random people. There are three basic but mandatory steps involved in organizing a successful survey: planning, composing, and running. In order to maximize the (read on...)

Do You Know What You’re Really Measuring?

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At face value, measuring the success of your business is easy. You’re either in the red or the black at year end. Measuring the success of each marketing program ultimately ties in to your business’ overall success. If your marketing plan isn’t working, you’ll see a lot of (read on...)