Sell More Through Liking People and Encouraging Them to Like You

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Joe Girard was the champion vehicle salesman for many years in the United States, averaging more than five daily sales of cars and trucks. What were his secrets? According to Mr. Girard, it was simply due to offering a fair price and being someone customers liked to buy from. Mr. Girard made the (read on...)

Referrals – 5 Steps on How to Turn Your Customers Into a Powerful Sales Team

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Having a system to get referrals from our customers is one of the most powerful marketing strategies any business can ever employ. Yet generating referral in this one is also one of the least used strategies. At one stage over a 2 year period, I generated over 60% of my new business through (read on...)

A Simple Analysis That Defeats Marketing Paralysis – Part 1 of 3

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The term analysis paralysis is fitting when a person over-analyzes a situation to the point where a decision is avoided or action is not taken, thus paralyzing the outcome. Success ALWAYS responds to decisive action. So even if an action you take leads to an outcome you didn’t expect, it (read on...)

Don’t Ask for Referrals – How Professional Financial Advisors Get Client Referrals

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Don’t ask for referrals? Heresy, you say! Well, hear me out before you tune me out. Just like you, I have heard a number of so-called sales experts extol the virtues of why you should ask for referrals. I have listened to these pundits and I have attended conferences and workshops where the (read on...)

Referrals From Your Customers – Why Bother?

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When was the last time you asked your customers if there was anyone else they know who might be interested in your services? For a lot of businesses the answer will be “never” or “I asked once a couple of years ago” – most shy away from even asking the question. And (read on...)

Retail Selling – The Referral Is Dead – Long Live the Referral

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In selling, much is said – rightfully so – about add-on sales. In the training sessions I regularly conduct for retail computer stores, I refer to it as my ‘Noah’s Ark’ theory, or my two-plus-two system, where a companion sale should be added to the initial (read on...)

The Best Referral Strategy of All – Getting Results For Your Clients

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The best way for coaches, consultants, trainers and professional service providers to build their practices and fully develop their businesses is by getting their clients or past clients to refer them to other people that would benefit from their services. And the best way to get referrals is by (read on...)

Referral and Introduction Secrets: How to Get Leads From New Prospects

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There are many ways to build your client base. Advertising and marketing, networking or cold calling, even direct mailings. But none are as effective or prosperous as referrals from personal introductions. After all, people buy from people they like. And believe it or not, referrals and (read on...)

Power of Referral Marketing

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I have started a few businesses in my lifetime and initially I always market the business with direct mail, even though I know this does not work. It took me a long time to learn this. I actually hate direct mail marketing as it is very time consuming, expensive and gets minimal results, if any. (read on...)

Entrepreneurs Know How to Get Clients To Grow Their Business

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New Customers Are The Life Blood Of An Entrepreneurs Business While there are several reasons to go into business, without clients you have no business. It is very important to keep the customers you’ve got, in fact existing customers could be even more important, but growing your business (read on...)