Tips to Increase Profits – Spend a Week Asking Why?

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My favourite question is “Why?” It gets right to the heart of things – even those things that you take for granted. Kids ask it all the time – much to the irritation of their frazzled parents, who suddenly question the basics in life again! Sadly though, it’s a (read on...)

What If You Ask "What If"?

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“What if we matched our competitor’s price, would you purchase it today?” What if I told you this kind of question should be avoided? My personal response to the above question would be something like “I’ll think about it.” To many the above question is too (read on...)

Leaders Often Have to Step Out and Do the Unexpected

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This morning, as I was drinking my coffee and looking out the window, I asked myself my favorite question. “If I knew what I wanted to write about, what would it be?” Suddenly, an idea about leaders surfaced. The question of what makes a great leader has been discussed in great depth (read on...)

Sales Made Simple

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My recent article on Negotiation caused quite a reaction. I received numerous comments suggesting that it had helped them. Others made comments that suggested they did not realise they were really talking about ‘selling or buying’, and not negotiation. I write this article purely from (read on...)

The Most Important Question on a Sales Call

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There’s one question that has served me extremely well in over six years as a small business consultant. It’s the same question that heart-centered, soft sell salespeople and marketers need to ask their customers and prospective customers. The most important question is, (read on...)