Restructuring and Organizing Your Warehouse

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Warehouse Organization can seem like a daunting task to take on when attempting to restructure and reorganize your business. Often, the task does not simply involve having the staff come in on a weekend and straighten up. If there are other underlying causes to the disorganization, this will only (read on...)

Office Supplies Management

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The best office I have ever worked in when it came to the office supplies, was many years ago when computers were in their infancy, and regularly we had to have ribbons for typewriters, Tippex and carbon paper, as well as the more common items of today such as pens, rulers, erasers and (read on...)

Procurement Spending – 4 Challenges When Analysing Spending & How to Overcome Them

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Research by the Aberdeen Group shows that as few as 44% of organisations worldwide use spend analysis and even those who do rarely analyse more than 50% of their total spending. So why don’t more organisations use spend analysis if the benefits are significant? There are a number of (read on...)

Procurement Process – The Three Types of Procurement Specification

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Whenever your organisation makes a purchase a description of what the user wants has to be given to the supplier. Unless there is a way of making sure that the message of what is required is not distorted there is a risk that the supplier will misinterpret your requirements. One mechanism for (read on...)

Procurement Process – A Two Step Process For Selecting Suppliers

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Choosing the right supplier for a particular purchase is a key task for the procurement group. However, many departments within your organisation will have an interest in which suppliers you eventually choose. For example, the user of the product or service, the budget holder, the quality (read on...)

Procurement Strategy – Four Steps to Creating Procurement Principles and Policies

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Principles are the standards of behaviour that we expect from Procurement professionals when they are working with colleagues within their organisation and also with the suppliers they buy from. These principles should be consistent with the overall vision for the organisation and the procurement (read on...)

Are You Really Saving Money by Sending Employees to Discount Warehouse Stores?

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What in the world am I talking about? Here is a VERY typical scenario: You purchase paper for your printer, ten boxes a month. You are purchasing it from an office supply company that delivers. The price you are paying is five dollars per box higher than you can get it at the local membership (read on...)

Supplier Relationship Management – How Six Sigma Helps to Drive Supplier Value

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According to Professor Michael Porter, within an organisation there are primary activities that add value by creating and delivering a product or service and there are support activities such as human resource management and procurement. The primary activities are organised as steps in a sequence (read on...)

Procurement – Top Tips For Analysing Your Supply Data

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It is often said that information is power. This is very true in Procurement situations where you need to negotiate with suppliers, find breakthrough ways of reducing costs or identify and manage any supply risks. Collecting data is difficult enough in its own right – but analysing your (read on...)

Procurement – How to Identify Supply Market Trends

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If your Procurement efforts are to be effective, you need up to the minute information about your supply markets and trends within those markets. This article will describe what information you need to collect and top tips for collecting it. Market trends can be split into four groups:- • Cost (read on...)