3 Tips for Finding New Clients

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It was back many years ago and my first day on the job in my new sales career. Nervous? Absolutely! I was driving up to the Knoxville office of the old Digital Equipment Corporation where I spent 15 years of my career. I had just completed the Internal Sales Development Program and was excited to (read on...)

How to Effectively Get Business Prospects

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Are you running out of prospects? We all know that customers are considered the lifeblood of our business. Without them, our business will die. There are several ways of getting people into the opportunity we are offering but these methods can be ineffective nowadays. Should we be open for new (read on...)

4 Steps – What To Say To Your Prospects Over The Phone

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Prospecting Over Phone Have you ever called a prospect excited and confident that the call would go well? You might of even been thinking, “I’m going to close this one!” To your surprise the words you wanted to express just didn’t come out right. This happens to the (read on...)

Is There a ‘Love Thing’ Between You and Your Clients?

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There’s a saying that goes, love makes the world go around. I believe giving and receiving love is the best thing life has to offer. Love is a powerful emotion. Whether it’s personal or professional, we tend to gravitate toward people and things that we simply love for whatever (read on...)

Branding or Problem Solving? What Do Your Customers Care About?

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What’s your definition of success? Do you want to be rich, or do you want to be famous? Personal promotion is much more expensive and less income producing than finding the needs of your client and meeting those needs. Self-promotion (branding) is difficult, costly and time (read on...)

Do You Engage in "Coopetition"? You Should!

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The way that many companies keep their customer lists, they have the names and assorted contact information for everyone who’s ever bought from them and gave them such information. That’s about it. And this is those companies that even bother to keep customer lists at all. Of course (read on...)

Follow Up Sales – Again and Again!

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Today most people complain that they have little time to focus, especially in business. They are constantly interrupted – emails, advertising, social media, Blackberrys and a constant source of new information through the internet fight for our attention every minute of every day. In the (read on...)

5 Ways to Find Out How to Give Your Prospects Exactly What They Want

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One of the biggest business mistakes start up entrepreneurs make is not delivering what their prospects are asking for. Let’s say you’ve built your prospect list and you’ve got followers, fans and connections on social media. Now they’re all gathered and are just waiting (read on...)

Referral and Introduction Secrets: How to Get Leads From New Prospects

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There are many ways to build your client base. Advertising and marketing, networking or cold calling, even direct mailings. But none are as effective or prosperous as referrals from personal introductions. After all, people buy from people they like. And believe it or not, referrals and (read on...)

Product Management 101: How The Bar Rescue TV Show Can Teach You How To Turn Prospects Into Clients

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We’re going to kick it old school this time around and take a look at one of the key skills that every product manager should be good at, but all too often we’ve been working so hard that we’ve neglected this task: turning prospects into actual paying customers. If you (read on...)