Misc Promotional Umbrellas and Rain Ponchos What Fun

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But back to umbrellas, they are used for many purposes. Of course the major function is to shelter against the inclement weather but Sun protection is also a real need. It’s not the parasol your grandmother knew but real protection for the golfer or observer sitting in the stands or (read on...)

Why Promotional Umbrellas Offer Real Marketing Value

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The best giveaway items or gifts used to promote your brand during marketing campaigns are ones that are useful and long lasting and what better way to do this than with promotional umbrellas? They have more advantages over other promotional products and offer real marketing value, which is (read on...)

Advertising With Promotional Umbrellas

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Umbrellas are consistently one of the most popular promotional items and certainly one of the most useful around. Unlike a mug or pen, a branded umbrella will come in handy to provide shelter from the rain or sun – so a highly practical way to advertise your logo. When promotional umbrellas (read on...)

Effective Ways to Promote Your Brand

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Promotional merchandise offers a fantastic way for you to publicise your company’s goods and services to customers. Perhaps one of the reasons why promotional items are so effective is that they can be used time and time again. Unlike digital forms of marketing, like pay per click adverts, (read on...)

Promotional Umbrellas Are The All-Year Advertising Medium

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Promotional products offer an alternative but more effective way to build up your brand. Although they are cost-efficient, these items can help in grabbing the attention of your customers. They can make your company appealing to the recipient and eventually get them to do business with you. With (read on...)

Promotional Umbrellas for Dog Owners

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Across the country is an army of dog walkers. The dog is the most popular and common pet with numerous families owning at least one furry friend. These dogs all have to be exercised at least twice a day regardless of the weather. In rain, wind or shine thousands of devoted owners armed with (read on...)

Influencing Potential Customers With Promotional Gifts

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In today’s world you need to shout from the rooftops if you have a product that you want to sell. There is so much competition that any formula that has proved successful for others is worth investigating. Among the numerous ways that a company can use its advertising revenue to influence (read on...)

Promotional Products – Why You Should Consider Using Them To Advertise Your Company And Products

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Promotional Merchandise is an excellent advertising tool to help you drive sales. Profit margins are the holy grail of all businesses and giving away business gift can really help you to increase your overall income. There are lots of other ways to advertise your products and services of course (read on...)

Promotional Umbrellas at Events and Trade Fairs – Part 2

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There are a number of advantages that promotional umbrellas have over other forms of advertising at events such as trade fairs. The most significant one is that you have a captive audience. Not only that but everyone there is after the same thing. This is the perfect scenario for corporate (read on...)

Promotional Gifts – 5 Super Ideas To Convince Your Female Clients To Shop With You

February 25, 2011 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Advertising 

Promotional Gifts come in all shapes and sizes and many can be specifically aimed at the female clients on your data base. As a supplier of promotional merchandise I know that it’s all too easy to suggest to a client that they go for something easy like a printed pen or a metal key ring. I (read on...)

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