The Proven Benefits of Promotional Products As a Marketing Tool

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Most advertising is based on repetition. No one listens to a single advertisement on TV, radio or even in print like newspapers and magazines. Business advertising is most effective when it is repeated and the same message is delivered to the target audience until it becomes subliminal. Sex (read on...)

Simple Ways To Turn One-Time Customers Into Regular Ones

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One-time customers are often given little attention by business owners. Many companies fail to recognize the reason these individuals spend money on their product. Before you toss that customer out the window think about the potential revenue you are tossing away too! A one-time customer provides (read on...)

Give Your Customers Promotional Gifts That They Will Use

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There is a common misconception in marketing that if you give your customers or clients promotional gifts that they can use, they will remember who you are and what you do because the more often they use the gift, the more they see the name, logo and brand that is printed on it. To an extent (read on...)

The Most Popular Promotional Products For Business Promotion

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Promotional products can be intertwined with marketing strategies that greatly benefit a business seeking to promote their company, product or service. Promotional products are customized with a company slogan or logo and are given away to customers or potential prospects at particular events (read on...)

Reasons Not To Neglect Print Media

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These days, more and more people use mobile technology to read digital print. However, agencies and marketers are still using conventional print media to catch people’s attention. Many have shifted to online solutions because print media can be a bit expensive, especially when it comes to (read on...)

How Promotional Products Can Help to Grow Your Customer List

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In today’s oversaturated advertising market, the use of promotional products can play a viable and extremely beneficial role, providing an ROI at least equal to other major forms of advertising. Recent research by the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) states that it may (read on...)

The Reason Why Your Business Needs Promotional Products

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It’s kind of strange to see so many businesses still stuck decades in the past when it comes to advertising – at least in some aspects. While it’s true that most companies realize the necessity for a proper advertising campaign and are investing in that aspect of their (read on...)

Using Promotional Items to Promote Service at Car Racing Events

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Many businesses these days have realized the wisdom of using promotional giveaway items to help build a wider customer base, to improve and consolidate customer relationships, to encourage sales, and to increase their brand visibility in the community. That’s not all they are useful for (read on...)

Custom Promotional Products Designed to Be Worn

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Custom Promotional Products are not limited to things that people use. They also include items that people wear. Marketing professionals must discard their traditional way of thinking when determining how to best reach a target audience. Pens and key chains are still available but apparel and (read on...)

Importance of Promotional Products to Marketing

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When preparing items for marketing purposes, many businesses make the mistake of using too small budget for these items. Many just consider the task as insignificant while others just ignore it and decide to include the promo items later. In reality, promotional gifts are one of the most (read on...)