Importance of Promotional Products to Marketing

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When preparing items for marketing purposes, many businesses make the mistake of using too small budget for these items. Many just consider the task as insignificant while others just ignore it and decide to include the promo items later. In reality, promotional gifts are one of the most (read on...)

Why Using Promotional Pens Can Be Good For You and Your Business

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The advertising world has understood the power of promotional items for a very long time. All of the big companies have entire departments dedicated solely to creating the desired image for the company and for its goods and services. Not everyone has access to those kinds of resources but that (read on...)

Promote A Home Cleaning Service With Promotional Items

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There is no better, economical, and effective way to promote your home cleaning service and to increase sales is to use the tried and tested promotional method of giveaways and gifts. Promotional products are an effective and low cost way to grow the brand recognition, within the community and (read on...)

Travel Agencies Use Duffel Bags As Promotional Products

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It is a great idea for travel agencies to use duffel bags as promotional products to increase the visibility of their brand name and logo. Sports, travel, and hand bags can help promote their services while customers are traveling. The most amazing thing about promotional items like duffel bags (read on...)

How Service Companies Promote With Promotional Products

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Years of research, and market statistics, clearly show that giveaway promotional products are a great marketing tool for companies looking for a cost effective way to advertise their products and services. There are multiple advantages to utilizing this mode of promotion. First, and foremost, (read on...)

Advertising Pens For Your Company

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Advertising pens offer businesses a high return on investment. These pens cost only pennies each and serve their purpose for weeks, months and even years to your customers. They will remain in the hands of their owners and continue serving as a subtle or possibly subliminal form of advertisement (read on...)

How to Promote Safety With Promotional Products

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Safety programs at schools, workplaces, and factories are an essential part of maintaining the health and safety of students, and employees. After all, safety is of paramount importance in practically all spheres of life. As responsible company, school, or brand, promoting safety is one of the (read on...)

8 Ideas for Memorable, Unique Trade Show Displays

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How are you going to set up your trade show display this year? Are you going for flash and pizzazz to attract more customers to your booth? If so, you are missing the big picture. A trade show display isn’t for simply drawing in crowds. The number of individuals at your booth doesn’t (read on...)

Information About Printed Promotional Pens

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Every company is trying to advertise their logo and name in different ways. The most popular methods are, of course- the TV, the internet and radio, but some of these ways could be very expensive. This is why many companies are advertising their logo by giving away small gifts such as printed (read on...)

Why Are Promotional Pens Bestselling Promotional Products?

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Promotional pens save marketing dollars! Now that was easy, wasn’t it? But this is just the first of several advantages of having custom promotional pens as promotional tools for company advertising and marketing. Personalized promotional products like pens make life easy for all kinds of (read on...)

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