Promotional Gifts – The Best Are Those That Get Your Customers Focussed on You

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Have you ever tried article marketing? I have been at it for going on two years now and have been introduced to many new customers as a result. That, however is not what this article is about. I want to demonstrate to you how the right promotional gifts – those that are properly targeted (read on...)

Free Promotional Parker Pens For Every Reader

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Did that title get your attention? Many businesses have found that offering a free incentive such as a free promotional Parker Pen has an amazing way of attracting new customers. Just the other day I opened my daily newspaper to see a full page advert for insurance. The ad promised a free Parker (read on...)

Promotional Incentives – Music Download Promotions and Mobile Promotions Lure Customers

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Promotional incentives bridge the chasm between you and your market. There has never been a better time to leverage them. The costs of reaching your audience through conventional advertising platforms have risen steeply. Meanwhile, your competition has become more aggressive toward building top (read on...)

Introducing 3 Ways to Use Promotional Sports Bags For Promotion

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Promotional sports bags are excellent promotional items as they carry your message from sporting meets to sports clubs and to countless other events. Your logo and details can be printed large on the side so that it is always in full view. This is a great way to promote your brand and to have (read on...)