The 7 Step Formula For Article Distribution

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A couple weeks ago, I shared an article with you that I wrote about Gene Simmons. I had a bunch of people email me sharing their appreciation for Gene, as well as for the business lessons I shared from meeting and studying this Rock and Roll Great. Lo and behold, my trusty assistant Karen found (read on...)

Promotional Ideas – DO’s and DON’Ts in 2011

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If you’re running a business, there will come a time when you want to step up your marketing campaign in order to grow your business. Promotional ideas come thick and fast but how do you know which is best for your company and your market? The Old and the New Social media is the new wave to (read on...)

Promotional Ideas For Salon Owners

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Salon business is a part of every people’s vanity. Most of us, specifically women would like to look beautiful every time. With the surfacing of beauty salons and barber shops, competition is very obvious. So how a salon can survive the combat of the finest? Well, there is a countless (read on...)

Promotional Products That Will Travel Around Town

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Circulating the word about your business could appear to be an overpowering process. There is a huge world out there and there are a lot of individuals who you would like to uncover your business message. Advertising car products can often be a fantastic strategy to drive your business message (read on...)

Why You Should Use Promotional Umbrellas

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One of the main reasons for giving away promotional umbrellas is that they are so well liked and needed. These necessary accessories are used on all kinds of weather. Naturally, they will keep you and your family dry during rain. Staying dry is important if you have children or relatives that are (read on...)

Hot Promotional Product Ideas

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Not sure what type of promotional product you should pick this year? With hundreds of thousands of logo imprinted promotional items available in today’s market, finding the right one for your business or organization can be daunting. I’ve listed a couple of hot categories to consider (read on...)

Promotional Ideas – 3 Great Ideas to Make More Sales

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So you have setup an e-commerce store and you are wondering why you are not making any sales. Perhaps you haven’t been doing enough promotion? Here are 3 great promotional ideas to help you get started. Idea 1: Drive traffic with articles. Article marketing is my favorite method when it (read on...)

Promotional Ideas – How to Promote a New Business

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First time in business? Then you are probably wondering why the phone is not ringing. No inquiries means no sales. So what do you have to do for the phone to start ringing? The silence must be making you very uncomfortable. It’s time to start promoting your new business. Step 1: Your (read on...)

Never Go Wrong With a T-Shirt

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T-shirts are in everyone’s closets and they are probably one of the most comfortable things to wear, ever. So, why not take advantage of this clothing item, by promoting your business, school, charity, or church on them. Give them a personal touch by printing them with your logo, (read on...)

Size Matters – Why Long Copy Works Better Than Short Copy

April 8, 2010 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Marketing 

Long sales copy doesn’t just work. It works to the tune of better than $1.5 trillion dollars a year according to the Direct Marketing Association! Having said that – it’s very common to have doubts on this form of copy… it is nothing like what you typically see out there (read on...)

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