Why Is It Important for a Business to Aggressively Protect Its Brands?

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What is a brand? A brand is any name, logo, symbol or design that consumers in the relevant marketplace associate with a particular source. Some brands are very old, and have been used in commerce for many decades. As such, they have become iconic parts of our shared culture, possessing relevance (read on...)

Your Business Did Not Make Money

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Starting a business may be one of the easiest things a person can do. The very thought of becoming a successful entrepreneur and gaining financial independence will motivate many people to start their own business. It does not take people long before they realize the difference between starting a (read on...)

Why Introverts Hate Hype

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Almost always when I am talking to someone who wrinkles their nose at online sales pages with outlandish, bold red headlines and breathless paragraphs of hot air, I later learn (or already knew) that this person is an introvert – someone who prefers to hang back in social situations, enjoys (read on...)

Switch From Building Brand to Direct Marketing

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The other day I was driving down towards the night club district during the day time to conduct some errands, and I saw a billboard for a company I used to work with that was advertising their chain of bars. The billboard had the logos of every one of their bars, and in small print, had their (read on...)

The Best Marketing Tools Used Offline To Increase Sales

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You should not think that these methods are mundane or very simple. When they are done right and used in the right combination, they can be very effective. 1. Using The Classifieds – Everyone should try this approach at some point. It works very well for generating leads. You do still need (read on...)

The Five Essentials of Every Business Website

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“Too good to be true” pricing is out of control in the world of website design. It is tempting business owners every day. If a company you’re considering has a much lower quote than everyone else, BE CAREFUL- they may not offer all the services you need. There are 5 essential (read on...)

How Koozies Can Be Used To Further Your Brand

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Koozies are sleeves created from cloth, neoprene, or foam and are slipped onto a beverage can or bottle. They are also called beer hugger or huggies, although these terms are misnomers since these products are not limited to being used with alcoholic beverages. They are designed primarily to (read on...)

You Don’t Need to Be ‘Perfect’ To Get Clients

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For a long time now, I’ve noticed some of my clients actually stopped themselves from marketing themselves because they believe they still need to learn more about their profession to be perfect or that expert. However, they had already obtained their training certificates, had already (read on...)

Advertising on 4 Wheels

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As jobs are scarce and the New Economy tightens its noose around the necks of small business owners, it is fiscally prudent to cut costs and trim overhead. The natural inclination may be to cut the advertising budget as it is one of the largest overhead line items and may seem to have little (read on...)

What Can a Marketing Agency Do to Help You With Product Promotion?

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When considering the best ways to market a business, new product line, a new business, or just get a company name out to the general public, the use of the best marketing agency will ensure that your company uses the best marketing, and will get the best message out to the consumer. Using the (read on...)