Selling Skills: 5 Tips to Accelerate the Sales Process

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I’d say with my hand on my heart that pretty much anyone I’ve ever met who works in sales has had that moment when a deal just doesn’t want to close. Obviously you don’t want the customer to know that you are desperate, but sometimes it’s really tough to hide that (read on...)

How Laziness is Killing Your Goal to Increase Sales

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Sales research indicates: 50% of all sales leads are left to wither on the vine to die 80% of all salesperson stop after the 3rd contact 30%-70% of all sales targets are not achieved What this suggests to me is there is a just a lot of plain laziness out there in the marketplace and very few (read on...)

Getting Customers – What’s it Worth to You?

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In business, those who sell for a living must be able to determine the answer to this one word – value – if they wish to increase sales. Unfortunately, a lot of small business owners to even C Suite executives in both the private and public sectors not to mention professional sales (read on...)