Men and Rubbers: Protecting Business Relationships

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The mess was growing and there was nothing I could do about it. Under my feet was a growing puddle of brown water that was settling into his new beige carpet. Maybe he saw it, maybe he didn’t, but either way, it was lingering in my mind. Men these days are rarely seen wearing rubbers. And (read on...)

An Overview of Six Sigma for Any Businessperson

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In order to bring as much success as possible to their company, business executives must concentrate on having the best quality products and services possible for their industry. There are several different ways to do this. One common way is to call in Six Sigma professionals to analyze company (read on...)

The Manager’s Role – A Consensus Team Viewpoint

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Let’s cut to the chase. Conversations between managers and their employees are difficult at best when it comes to mid-year and year end reviews. The employee stresses out over what might come of it. The manager worries that they might not say the right thing, or say it the right way. (read on...)

How To Design An Effective Custom Letterhead

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One of the 2 main ways of creating letterheads for your business is by creating a bespoke design (the other one being the use of specially designed, adaptable templates). This article looks at some tips, hints and guidance to ensure you create an effective custom letterhead. Make sure that you (read on...)

How To Choose A Letterhead Design

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Choosing a great design for your letterheads is important because it makes a visual statement about your company. It should be viewed with the same importance as business cards, leaflets and billboard posters and similar design techniques should be considered and employed. Look at the design of (read on...)

Letterhead Paper: How To Choose The Right Style For Your Business

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Alongside the design of a letterhead, the other important aspect which business owners should put some thought into is the type of paper on which the letterheads are printed. Whilst this decision should be afforded much less time and weight than the design, it is still an important element to (read on...)

Letterheads: The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bespoke Designs Compared With Templates

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Two of the most common ways of choosing a letterhead design for your company are designing it from scratch (with the input and assistance of professional printing companies) or using a template. Advantages of using a bespoke design There is complete artistic freedom to create an image which is (read on...)

How To Get Your Business Noticed Using Leaflets

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Many good businesses use specially designed leaflets in order to supplement their marketing campaign. This is very often a sensible and successful marketing strategy but it is important that the leaflets are properly designed so that they are noticed and have the maximum possible impact. In this (read on...)

Letterheads: Information Which Should Be Included

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Properly designed letterheads will certainly help to make your business appear professional and successful. Here, we look at some of the important information which you should consider incorporating onto your letterheads. Company name – This should be the most prominent piece of (read on...)

The Mindset of Olympian Follow Up Marketing

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Have you ever watched the Olympics? Pretty impressive stuff don’t you think? Records being broken and hearts being broken, all within split seconds. But have you ever wondered how they, the athletes got there? Well, you’ve heard the old saying, “How do you get to Carnegie (read on...)

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