What Are the Most Advanced Supply Chain Solutions Today?

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Today, supply chain solutions play a critical role in any EMS business setting more than ever before. The central point for the market has altered from “how quick can you turn inventory?” to “do you really have the capacity to facilitate and transfer inventory so that you (read on...)

Are You ‘Easy Prey’ For Aggressive Buyers?

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With more sellers chasing fewer customers these days, do buyers have the upper hand? Well, according to buyers themselves, the answers is yes. However, it’s also apparent that some sellers are leaving themselves vulnerable to manipulation from increasingly aggressive buyers. In this article (read on...)

How to Spar With Procurement and Legal

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In this article on ‘how you can avoid the most bruising buyer encounters’ we will take a look at sparing with procurement and legal. Procurement: A Surprise Left-Hook! Sellers have learned to fear the involvement of procurement – particularly when it happens close to the point (read on...)

RFP – How to Increase Your Chances of Winning Large RFPs

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Recently a client asked me a very intriguing question that I thought would be pertinent to anyone that invests significant time, money and energy in responding to large RFPs. Here is the question: How do I find out the real reason that a Procurement Department is bidding out a project? When I try (read on...)

The Importance of Strategic Marketing Consulting in Marketing Vendor Management

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There are two types of strategic marketing consulting. The first is the development of strategic marketing plans including product and service development, pricing strategy, distribution and possibly the most high profile, promotion and advertising. The second type of strategic marketing (read on...)

User Adoption: The Fuel That Drives ESourcing

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With changes in their environment many organizations are looking at changes in their sourcing applications and initiatives. Several organizations are unhappy with their current sourcing platforms and are looking at other alternatives. As with any other business software application, a fairly (read on...)

How Do I Achieve ISO 9001?

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So you have decided to do what it takes to go through with and achieve ISO9001 certification. Well guess what? Even if you change your mind about being certified these things that would have otherwise done are all sound business practices. That’s right! They are policies, procedures and (read on...)

Advice on Implementing a Procurement Card Program

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Procurement cards or P-Cards have become a popular option among companies to improve the efficiency of processing low dollar purchases. Management of an organization should consider the following advantages, disadvantages and best practices before implementing a procurement card (read on...)

Tender For Tenders’ Sake?

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So whilst pondering my next few blogs it came to pass that 4 tender documents arrived on my desk. This in itself is far from unusual, but then I looked closer. Tenders 1&2 were for relatively small value amounts of £20,000 or below. Tender 3 was for around £45,000 in value. Whilst tender 4 (read on...)

Procurement Spending – 4 Challenges When Analysing Spending & How to Overcome Them

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Research by the Aberdeen Group shows that as few as 44% of organisations worldwide use spend analysis and even those who do rarely analyse more than 50% of their total spending. So why don’t more organisations use spend analysis if the benefits are significant? There are a number of (read on...)