Planning For The Unplanned In Sales Pitches

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“Thank you for allowing me to present to you today!” “No problem. Incidentally, could you do it in 10 minutes instead of 45? Oh, and we don’t have a projector.”   Sales calls rarely go according to plan. The room isn’t what you imagined. The person you (read on...)

Planning a Road-Show? Take These Tips on Tour

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Road Shows are just sales calls in which your customers come to you. With such an opportunity, it’s best to get it right. You needn’t sledgehammer your audiences into a coma with a plague of PowerPoint slides and there’s no reason to display a thousand and one fussy charts and (read on...)

The Perfect Bait

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This first contact with a big fish is essential to your success. You need to instill confidence in them. They need to know you can fulfill exactly what you are offering on time, at a good price and at the quality you promise. I am going to walk through the big approach and how to make that (read on...)

Revolutionize the Printing Process With Blueprint Printers

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Why blue prints? Technology has germinated and its reflection is clearly evident in the way we do business at present. This is especially truthful for engineers and building designers. Exhausted are the days where designers and engineers produced technical drafting employing a pencil, (read on...)

Choosing Color Printing Options

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If you or your business are new to getting printing done at a copy shop you may be surprised how many options they offer you and have little idea of what they all mean. What you need will depend on what you are using your printing for though and the first thing to consider is digital or (read on...)

Winning Your Prospect’s Attention

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One factor essential to the completion of sales communication is holding the prospect’s attention throughout the pitch. That’s harder than it sounds, as anyone who has done any public speaking can attest. Holding the listener’s attention is one of the hardest tasks a (read on...)

Business Cards and Why They Are Still So Important?

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Picture this: You’ve really made the effort for this morning’s important meeting with a potential client you have been courting on the telephone for the last six months. Your hair is neat, your shoes polished and the suit is brand new. You walk into the reception feeling like a (read on...)

Skill In Handling Your Product During A Presentation

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If you are to succeed in selling a product during a presentation you must exercise skill in presenting that product. You must build up confidence in the prospect by immediately showing him that you know what you are doing. The prospect can visualize the qualities of the product by the way you (read on...)

Sushi Chefs and Salespeople

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I love watching a great sushi chef at work, so I sit at the sushi bar. They are masterful food artisans that create with exquisite detail, care, and enthusiasm. The sushi chef knows that’s why you’re sitting at their bar, and usually, the patrons at the bar get better cuts, and a more (read on...)

How to Tighten Up Your Retail Sales Script

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A good retail sales script can be the difference between an excellent closing rate, and a mediocre one. As you become more comfortable, you may even develop different sales scripts to deal with different situations you encounter in the retail environment. Here are three ways to improve your (read on...)