How To Effectively Conduct An Interview

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There have been numerous articles and books written about how one should prepare himself for an interview. Yet, there is far less written about what the interviewer should do. Having interviewed hundreds of applicants in numerous fields, and trained others in the basics of interviewing, it still (read on...)

Maximizing Closing Moments

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According to master salesman Tom Hopkins, the fourteen most important words in the art of closing are these: “Whenever you ask a closing questions, shut up. The first person to speak loses.” These words present an impassioned bit of advice: Pause and get used to the discomfort (read on...)

Finding Out About The Prospect In Advance – It Is Beneficial

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The more you know about an account in advance the better prepared you will be and the more confident. Always try to be armed with as much information as possible. Confidence is a big factor and it can be sensed by your customer. Needless to say I mean confidence not the appearance of a know it (read on...)

3 Steps to an Unforgettable Introduction

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First impressions always last. This applies to all people, all businesses, and all things. In the beginning, people tend to judge right away what is yet to come. Whatever their perception of what was presented to them at the start, it shall have an influence to how it is going to end. In every (read on...)