Brand Matters: The Top 10 Most Effective Ways to Brand Your Business

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Why does branding matter? One of the most important assets you can develop for your business is a powerful brand. Developing a strong brand is not just about a fancy logo or catchy tag line; it’s about the essence of your company. Brands are the culmination of who you are, how you’re (read on...)

12 Steps to Building a Powerful Brand Image

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Building Blocks for A Solid Corporate ID Kit 1. Design a simple logo that attracts attention. Keeping it simple keeps it easy to produce and easy for branding. A good trick is to fax it to yourself and see how it shows up. If it’s confusing over a fax, it’s not a good logo. 2. Create (read on...)

The Last Word in Brand Optimization

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What defines a powerful brand? Obviously the answer first and foremost is a good product or service; however, this isn’t always the case… one example which springs immediately to mind is a certain UK telephone, broadband and TV package provider whose products and services, in my (read on...)

Developing the Most Powerful, Exciting Brand

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The way most companies “brand” themselves today misses the whole point. When most develop a logo that they believe represents what they do, and they even get excited about that brand… what they are missing is that if it isn’t clear, VERY CLEAR and EXCITING to their target (read on...)

Branding – Why it is Important and Key Elements of a Powerful Brand

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Branding is a big part of launching your business. Yet in its best sense, it is almost seamless because it is such a natural extension of what you do. Your brand has everything to do with what and how you do your business. It is about your business identity and your proprietary way of doing (read on...)