Your High School Band and Its New Poster

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The marching band of Freemont High School wanted to get some publicity for their upcoming school year. They had gone to the state finals the year before and were determined to go all the way to the nationals in the upcoming year. They wanted the support of the entire community and wanted to find (read on...)

Flyers and Your Band

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The boys of Fletcher Street had been talking about it for months, but they finally decided to act. They were really going to get the band back together. Their heyday was ten years before, when they had played all over the metropolitan area. But families and careers started to interfere with their (read on...)

Printing And Mailing Posters

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The Florida Auto Marketing Company was an unusual organization. They dealt only in high end automobiles, and they sold to buyers all over the United States. However, because they dealt with customers who were using discretionary income to make these purchases, bad economic times caused people to (read on...)

Exhibit Your True Talent With a Business Card for Artists

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The economic down turn has left many of us feeling the pinch. Many people are looking for ways to save money in every aspect of life. However, there are times when a purchase has to be made and careful research often forms part of the decision making process. For those who have their own business (read on...)

Finding The Absolute Best Business Printing

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Business printing is one of those aspects within your establishment that must be clarified when you are aiming for success. Your ability to reach out and touch people will to some degree be through your informational handouts you have readily available; it is common for people to ask you to mail (read on...)

Trade Show

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Trade show, also known as trade exhibition, trade fair or expo, is an event organized to showcase and display the latest products and services of a particular economic or industrial sector. This year looks promising as many companies pull themselves out of the recession. It’s a great way to (read on...)

3 Three Tips For Designing A Great Poster

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For over two hundred years, people have been displaying posters in public places. Posters, even in these technology-rich times, are still an effective medium to promote and inform. With this in mind, here are three tips to help you create your own successful posters. Headlines decide your (read on...)

Design Posters to Promote Energy Conservation

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In the last 100 years man has become energy hungry. From the cars we dive to the light bulb in our home, everything runs on energy. Most of the energy we use comes from non-renewable sources of energy which will have limited supply in the future. Awareness is a must on these issues and posters (read on...)

Why Poster Printing Is Effective in Marketing

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Remember those times in your primary, middle or high school days when your art teacher asked everyone in class to make a poster? Some of your classmates, who are good in drawing and coloring, may find the challenge easy. Meanwhile there may be others who flounder just at the thought of picking up (read on...)

Identify and Eliminate Common Poster Printing Mistakes

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There are several elements at play with in making your poster printing venture succeed. These include the design, the content and of course the message that you want to impart through the material. You know that a striking and an easy-to-read poster will get the undivided attention of your target (read on...)

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