Post Cards As Tear Offs And Blow Ins

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The publishers of The Metro Review were concerned about whether or not they were using their magazine effectively as an advertising medium. The advertising revenue had not increased by very much over the past few years, and they simply didn’t know whether or not they could do more to (read on...)

The Five Essentials of Every Business Website

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“Too good to be true” pricing is out of control in the world of website design. It is tempting business owners every day. If a company you’re considering has a much lower quote than everyone else, BE CAREFUL- they may not offer all the services you need. There are 5 essential (read on...)

Tip 3 – Promoting Your Business With Photographs – Postcards

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Postcards are a great way to promote your business’ products and services. When it comes to direct mail, postcards have one unique feature; you don’t have to open them. The recipient will see your message without doing anything. It can simply be lying on their desk, and without even (read on...)

There Is No Reason to Forgo Postcards From Your Greater Marketing Plan

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This day and age of digital communication does not mean that some of the more traditional ways of promotion are over and done with. While it’s true that marketing using postal mail is not as popular like it used to be, there isn’t any reason to omit it from being an important piece of (read on...)

Why Postcard Marketing Can Work For You

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You may be surprised to learn that postcard marketing still works in the 21st century. In fact, postcards usually produce better results today than in the past – especially when used for generating traffic to a website or sales leads. One reason postcards work so well is because they almost (read on...)

Putting a Gloss on Things!

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Commercial printers constantly strive to increase the efficiency of their printing services by using cost effective machinery that can reduce both production costs and delivery timescales. One aspect of this is the ability to carry out laminating in house. In house laminating saves valuable time (read on...)

Effective Ways to Boost Your Business Exposure

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Who would not want to get good business exposure? Who would not want the chance to draw in lots of customers? No one, right? Every business, large or small, would grab every opportunity to boost sales through good marketing. If given the chance to have a marketing material that draws in customers (read on...)

Postcard Printing for the Church

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Give postcards to promote church events. This will invite people to attend, plus they get to keep a portion of that event with them. Many people love keepsakes. So why not make your postcard something that can be kept for life? Postcard Printing to Promote Your Church * Design it in a way that (read on...)

How To Design Holiday Postcards

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Sending greetings to your friends and relatives is a must every holiday season. You can add a little flavor to it by designing your own holiday postcard. The obvious idea would be to design your postcard for all seasons and occasions. Most people use seasonal flowers, monuments or their business (read on...)

How to Make Sure People Want to Hear Your Marketing Message

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I hear so many sales people tell me that they never get a good response rate from their direct mail. When I ask them what they have been sending it is anything from seminar invites to product offers to “form” letters describing how their company works and why it would benefit the (read on...)