Beating the Sales Rut

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Its summer time and your prospects are telling you to give them a call in the fall. “Summer is busy, budgets are in review and with the vacation schedule ramping up, we’ll “see you in September”- as they say. Sound familiar? You thought things were moving along nicely, (read on...)

Networking – A Powerful Way of Finding New Prospects

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One of the challenges of sales is maintaining an active pipeline of business at the various stages you need to ensure continuing success. A productive way of doing that is to be constantly sowing the seeds that over time will grow into new opportunities. If you’re respected for what you do (read on...)

Ready to Return to Robust Growth! – Thoughts on Jack Daly’s Six Principles

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I have to tell you, I’m done with the “new normal.” Let’s get back to business! It was in this state of mind that I recently attended a Colorado CEO Forum where I had the good fortune to hear speaker/author/trainer/coach Jack Daly. What a refreshing perspective he offered (read on...)

Sales Strategies – Bringing Prospects to You

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Sunday morning, I did a little research on Roth IRAs, answering a pointed spousal inquiry. Using a well known search engine, I found a Detroit Free Press column, “Savers May Benefit from Converting IRAs,” quoting three people about converting traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs: A vice (read on...)

It’s a Numbers Game – How to Track Your Cold Calls

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Do you track your cold calls? In order to understand how well you are doing when you are prospecting by phone, you can track your calls. Tracking your cold calls will also help you get an understanding on how many calls you need to make to talk to a prospect, book a meeting, close a sale. This in (read on...)

Have More Fun and Make More Profits by Asking Those Who Say "No" For Referrals

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Every once in a while you’ll meet someone who doesn’t click. Perhaps you’ll call on a prospect who doesn’t buy your product or you ‘ll have a one-on-one meeting with a prospective networking partner and discover the two of you really are right for each other. Make (read on...)

Prospect For Energy – Find the Executive Who Cares – Sales Superstar Secret #5

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Prospecting is the process for finding and attracting the attention of the people who are most likely to buy your technology solution, NOW! Do you have a high prospect to close ratio?The best way to lower your prospect to close ratio is to have a clear, concise value proposition that opens the (read on...)

The More You Practice the Luckier You Get!

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So your sales aren’t going too well. Your forecast isn’t looking too rosy and your prospects are delaying making a decision. Your boss is on your case, wanting to know what your forecast business is for this month, next month and the next quarter. How can you provide an accurate (read on...)

The Secret to Staying Booked Solid

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Have you ever noticed how every airplane flight you get in is completely full, and some are even so overbooked they start asking for volunteers to change flights? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could do the same in your business? Well, you can. For the last few years I’ve been booked (read on...)

Marketing MOJO – The Lost Art of the Handwritten Note

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Your Grandmother did it and so did her mother before her. Jack Welch did it for subordinates when they achieved major milestones at General Electric. Tom Hopkins & Brian Buffini built multi-million dollar real estate businesses by doing it. Harvey MacKay celebrated author of “Swim with (read on...)