A Must Approach for Getting More Clients: Choose a Target Audience

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The traditional laws of branding do not apply to professional services businesses, according to literature. According to a key study, traditional advertising media (TV, radio, print media) scored very low in terms of effectiveness. From my interviews with you, I would say your experiences support (read on...)

The 5 Most Common Errors Physical Therapy Business Owners Make Today

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In am writing this article because I feel compelled to share what I have learned in the last four years of working exclusively with owners of physical therapy practices – as their business coach. By now, I’ve coached hundreds of practice owners, and over and over again they come to me (read on...)

Long Term Care Administrators and MDS 3.0 – How to Provide Facts, Calm Fears, and Ease Frustrations

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When PPS altered the quality and reimbursement standards for long term care twelve years ago, I was a practicing Occupational Therapy Assistant. After PPS was introduced and implemented, a widespread panic emerged throughout the therapy world. Many therapists left the field all together simply (read on...)

Physical Therapy Marketing Guide For Offline Success

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Marketing your physical therapy practice offline is one of the most effective ways of generating leads in your local area. Most small practice owners fail to realize this key concept, they dwell upon brand identity, recognition, logos, and corporate advertising to promote their product or (read on...)

How Can a Breakdown Become a Breakthrough

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Just recently, I have heard from some of you that…it has been one of those weeks for you! A time when you are in constant reaction mode, putting out fire after fire. Your assistant forgets to send the “welcome package” to your brand new clients. Eight cancellations and no shows (read on...)

Best Tips and Tools to Market a Physical Therapy Private Practice

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One of the key business challenges in physical therapy private practice marketing is being able to find the time to market your business and yet spending enough time with your patients. To make your practice expand, you have to be clear and completely focused on the tasks ahead of you. Else you (read on...)

What Are the Best Ways to Market Physical Therapy?

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You may be really good at what you do but unless you actually take time out for marketing physical therapy, your physical therapy practice is bound to remain limited. Without marketing, there are slim chances of getting clients. You can learn skills for marketing physical therapy and enjoy the (read on...)

Physical Therapy Marketing Strategies

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As in any business, physical therapy is no exception and needs to be operated like a business rather than just a therapeutic clinic. Most physical therapists concentrate on the therapeutic side of their practice rather than the business side. Both are equally important, as it is useless to have (read on...)

Unlock Your Business Growth in 2009 Biz Tip #4

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This is the fourth in a series of business tips on ways that you as a private practice business owner can overcome the business challenges that you face and unlock your business growth this year.   Many of you have come to me because you are stressed out, frustrated, just plain tired, tapped, (read on...)

Manage With Direction – Developing a Plan For Your Business

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The most enduring message I can give you today is, “Create your own destiny and happiness by planning for it.” Exchange the possibility of living with regrets for that of living your life true to your values, passions, and dreams.   Why is Managing Your Practice with Direction So (read on...)