A Guide to Choose Appropriate Blister Packaging

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Blister packaging, also known as unit-dose packaging is highly acceptable in pharmaceutical industry because of the several benefits it offers. With blister packing it is easier to open medicine, count doses, protect from theft and resist from natural external elements. To make it more feasible (read on...)

How to Choose Paper for Printing and Labeling

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Printing and labeling is a crucial part of a product packaging, which has to be accomplished seamlessly to obtain desired result. Selection of paper is the most basic step for this. If one can excel the process, half of the job is already done and rest will be done by printers. However, as a (read on...)

Goals Intended for Food Packaging and Labeling

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A good packaging of content ensures that the product reaches the end product with safety and security, in short – in their original form. Hence, packaging and labeling is very crucial to handle, especially if it is a food item. This is due to the reason that they are directly consumed by (read on...)

Top 5 Tips for Successful Pre Press Printing

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For successful printing, pre press files play a major role. If this file is not prepared properly, there will be delays in output to fix the problem in printing process or may result into the final print not up to the mark. Since, pre press files are provided by the clients to the printer, it (read on...)

Pharmaceutical Packaging – Combating Challenges

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When it comes to challenges of pharmaceutical packaging the foremost thing that comes in mind are the issues related to the protective means for controlling contamination. This is exactly where most of the pharmaceutical packaging companies face trouble. Once, the pharmaceutical products roll off (read on...)