Successful Personal Branding

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One of the most significant changes in the labor market over the last four years is the notion of free agency within the marketplace. Gone are the days of staying with one company for the duration of your career. Rather, most work for many companies throughout their career. A growing trend (read on...)

Making Decisions and Motivating People

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Everyone makes decisions differently and is motivated or driven by different things. Being aware of and understanding these differences is really important when managing employees or creating relationships. Over fifty years of scientific research has revealed that there are three distinct styles (read on...)

Branding in Baby Steps: 7 Easy Ways to Get Started With Personal Branding

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Many people think of branding as an all-encompassing phenomenon where every way in which a company interacts with customers is consistent with a certain image and message. That certainly is something we can all aspire to, especially if we wish to avoid getting lost amidst fierce (read on...)

Solopreneurs: Avoid These Ten Personal Branding Mistakes

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Be bold! Grab attention! Yes, that’s great advice when it comes to personal branding. The trouble arises when the advice gets implemented carelessly, thoughtlessly or inappropriately. Then there’s a lot of flash and dash, but little response. Those targeted get confused or turned off (read on...)

Personal Branding for Introverts: It Keeps You Profitably in Your Comfort Zone

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Mention personal branding to someone who lives on the quiet side of life, and their first associations may be of flash, pretense and puffery. That’s not how I look at it. Branding offers a powerful opportunity to help people understand your strengths and talents, to hear your distinctive (read on...)

Sloppy Marketing Really Bugs Me

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Many small companies are taking the short and easy way out when it comes to marketing. Streamlined and affordable approaches are great, but not if they are sloppy and ineffective. It is understandable that small business owners have limited budgets and time for marketing, but creating something (read on...)

Personal Branding – The Importance Of It

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I would like to write today about the importance of personal branding. In order to brand yourself on the internet, you must make a presence of yourself. The best way to do that is to create a blog post. To begin, you will require a domain name and website hosting. To purchase your domain, it will (read on...)

How I Use Facebook To Market My Fitness Business (And Why You Might Be Killing Yours)

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Whilst I’m not the hugest fan of social media the way most of the fitness marketing gurus seem to be these days, I can’t help but admit that it’s pretty damned cool for growing your fitness business… if you use it well, that is. Trouble is, most fitness professionals, in (read on...)

Mid-Life Crisis Or Mid-Life Maturation?

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Well I never thought I would be writing about a mid-life crisis or what I like to call “mid-life maturation”. Sounds better doesn’t it? But here it is and I think there’s a good opportunity for any trainer looking to attract more clients, but more about that later. I was (read on...)

Business Ownership Structure – Company (1)

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Companies are tricky things to describe so we’ll do it in two parts. This week we’ll talk about separate identity, limited liability and your personal liability. Next week you’ll learn about forming a company and company borrowing. The first thing is that companies are like (read on...)