How to Effectively Influence Employees and Increase Productivity

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Motivating employees is not an easy task. Getting people to do what you need them to do can be challenging. Having your subordinates commit to a task is hard especially if they aren’t motivated to genuinely believe in your company’s goals or fully understand the reason to give more (read on...)

5 Steps to Managing Employees Who Can’t Meet Deadlines

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We’ve all had them, the employee who just never seems to meet the timeframes that we give them and managing employees who cannot meet deadlines can be very frustrating and exhausting. Everyone is busy and chasing down an underperforming employee is not a good use of anyone’s time. So (read on...)

CIOs Want To Know Why IT Process Improvement Programs Fail

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It seems as though at least once a year CIOs get a bee in their bonnet and decide that the company’s IT department needs to knuckle down and improve its processes. This means that it’s time to implement one of those far-reaching process improvement programs. Oh, oh. No matter if (read on...)

Four Performance Appraisal Steps To Improve The Working Of A Company

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An effective, arranged and well manage data base in a huge firm is important for keeping a close watch over services of employees efficiency and performance of numerous employees. Performance appraisal software carries out this function for professional and administrative human resource (read on...)

Management Skills: Are You Asking Your Employees Enough Questions?

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I was recently struck by something I read Oprah Winfrey had said that, I think, has real relevance to the way we manage our employees. She said: ‘Everyone wants validation. They want to know:• Do you see me?• Do you hear me?• Does what I say matter to you?’ Of course, (read on...)

The Ethical Performance Appraisal

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Carrying out performance appraisals require careful attitudes and techniques on the behalf of the evaluator. So, if you are the evaluator you must ensure that before you assess and evaluate your employees and subordinates performance, the skill and technique you are about to implement is ethical. (read on...)

Performance Appraisal – A Competency Measure!

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Organisational Development denotes an overall and comprehensive development of an organization supported by the entire team of employees working for that organization. An useful technique in the management process that serves as a measure of performance and productivity is “performance (read on...)

Even More Questions A Manager Should Ask Themselves

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Here are some questions you should answer for yourself. Only you know the answers, so be brutally honest. 1. Do you know what one hour of your time is worth?2. How long has it been since you only worked 9 to 5?3. How often do you take work home at night, on weekends or on vacations?4. Do your (read on...)

Becoming a Great Manager – Qualities To Develop

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Development is closely linked with manpower planning and business planning. Clear organization purpose and direction that determine what talents and skills will be needed to meet new demands of technology, marketplace, labor, government, products, growth, and management information also determine (read on...)

Use an Employee Performance Evaluation to Assess the Value of Your Team

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Owning and operating a business can come with a lot of responsibilities. The main aim of those responsibilities is to monitor operations and determine if the business is actually producing the results you want. One aspect of monitoring operations is reviewing employee performance. As such, an (read on...)