The Likability Factor

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As a member of the Technology community I have noticed too many project failures. In an effort to insure that I am never in charge of one of these failures, I have spent countless hours researching the most important skill to achieving success. I have discovered that the single most important (read on...)

Voice Over Is Marketing

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Voice over, like life is marketing. And marketing is finding a way to give people what they are looking for. I never buy anything really from the late night “Sham Wow” guys, marketing guru’s and snake oil salesmen. But I have to admit I do love to listen to a well performed, (read on...)

Reasons Why People Are Resistant to Changes in the Workplace

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Why do people resist change in the workplace? This is a much debated question. One school of thought suggests that people don’t resist change, they resist being changed. Another school of thought suggests that resistance to change is based on the leader themselves. In this article I will (read on...)

Business Owners and Their Leaders

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1. Select a charity that your staff agree on and create a plan (with your team) to raise money continually throughout a calendar year. Perhaps a percentage of profits, or some large money boxes for customers to get involved, maybe a sausage sizzle done on a Saturday morning once per month, when (read on...)

Can You See What I See?

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When people ask me what I do for a living, and I tell them that I am a business psychologist, it is not unusual for me to hear “Gosh, we could really do with a psychologist at work.” Colourful stories concerning people, events and relationships usually follow, almost always describing (read on...)

How Money Really Flows To Your Business

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There’s a lot about being the CEO of your own empire that’s worthwhile. You choose your hours (even if it’s too many). You set your prices. You are directly responsible for how much you sell and the relationships you cultivate. There are 1000s of reasons people become (read on...)

Do They Know?

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I have been in inside and outside sales for the past 10 years. I have done door to door contacting and referral marketing. I have developed a sense of confidence in getting out of my comfort zone to speak to people. Each of these have their strengths and weaknesses. Door to door will make it so (read on...)

Becoming the Boss – A Guide

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This article is for the happy newly promoted hard working people that got that well-earned promotion. The ones that scratch their head and thinks; “now what?” Becoming the boss – a guide for you to help you thru the transaction from employee to management. What you say and (read on...)

Creating a Vision for Sustainability

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Sustainability began with the concept of being ‘green,’ becoming more environmentally friendly, and paying more attention to conserving our planet’s resources. However, sustainability has become much more than that. Sustainability is a viable and proven business strategy, which (read on...)

The Cataract of Critical Thinking and How Best to Create a Winning Team

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A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye that affects vision relating to aging. A cataract of critical thinking is the egocentric thinking that emerges from innate human tendency to see problems from a narrow self-serving perspective. Thinking irrationally is the inflected belief and (read on...)

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