Intellectual Property: Tips on How to Protect Your Business Online

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Intellectual property is anything that you or your business creates that is the property of your business. Each of the super heroes in the smash hit movie, Avengers, are the intellectual property of Marvel Comics. This means you can’t use The Hulk to advertise your spring sale. When you or (read on...)

Marketing Your Invention or Idea, and What To Do Next

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You have developed the “BETTER MOUSE TRAP” and now it’s time to make some big decisions. If you do not sell the idea and decide to market it yourself, the following article will help you down the road to success. While it is impossible to cover all aspects of the new product (read on...)

License Branding – Tips on Licensing a Brand

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License branding can be a worthwhile way to increase your share of the global marketplace. When you have a product or a service that is very successful in one geographic location, it can be tempting to think of the money you could make by marketing it worldwide. But just because it sells like (read on...)