The Prints on Your Paper Carrier Bags

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Paper carrier bags need to be eye-catching for it to serve well as an advertising tool. However, turning the heads of anyone who sees your bags is only half the battle. Once people take notice, the bags need to somehow communicate with the reader and effectively advertise your company’s (read on...)

How to Determine the Size of Your Paper Carrier Bags

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One of the most important aspects of paper carrier bags is its size. The size of the paper bag will greatly affect the outcome of its use not only as a promotional tool for your advertising strategies but also as a means of storage. Moreover, with the right size you can guarantee that your paper (read on...)

The Effects of Water and Fire to Your Paper Carrier Bags

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To be able to effectively protect your paper carrier bags, it is imperative that you know the factors that usually cause serious damage to them. In doing so, you may then carry out the necessary steps on how you can maximize the lifespan of each of your bag. The two common elements that (read on...)

Maintaining the Popularity of Your Paper Bags

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It is one thing for your paper bags to effectively advertise your company name and logo to the public during its introduction stage but it is a totally different matter to maintain the effectiveness of these bags’ advertising power when familiarity sets in. Although regular exposure to the (read on...)

How to Recycle LDPE Mailing Bags?

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Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is a new-generation plastic material used in manufacturing packing and mailing bags. This material is mostly seen in the kitchen, i.e. transparent squeezable bottles/bags, shrink wraps used for packing frozen food and the like. LDPE mailing bags are also gaining (read on...)

Printed Carrier Bags: Driving Business Awareness in an Eco-Friendly Way

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The popularity of printed carrier bags is transforming how companies are reaching out to their customers nowadays. It creates a fantastic visual representation of a brand at a minimum cost when compared to the traditional advertising techniques via radio, television, and magazine print. An extra (read on...)

Printed Carrier Bags for Business Ads

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Carrier bags are simple but effective bags designed to carry everything from documents to firewood. Given the wide range of types and applications of the bags, it just makes sense to use printed carrier bags for business ads. Relatively inexpensive to make and easy to match with all sorts of (read on...)

Printed Carrier Bags – Promotion Through Increased Brand Name Visibility

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The use of custom carrier bags bearing the brand name or logo of a business coupled by a short enticing message has been proven to be one of the most effective marketing methods used in promotion. Such bags can easily catch the attention of on-lookers, making the carrier of each bag a walking (read on...)

Printed Carrier Bags Can Enhance Your Company Brand

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Something that always tends to surprise people in business is the importance of branding. You may believe that establishing your company was enough, and in some cases it might be, but if you wish to expand and gain more customers, you need to establish your brand. The question you might have (read on...)

Paper Carrier Bags Can Carry a Heavy Load

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For a person who needs an environmentally friendly way to cart their personal possessions around, a paper carrier bag is an ideal option. These various items while they may be made from paper are anything but flimsy. Today with the advances in technology you will find that the paper industry has (read on...)