Top 11 Reasons to Use Social Media in Business

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Over the past few years, to say social media has exploded would be an understatement. Members of social media sites have discovered it’s the easiest way to find, learn about, and share information that directly influences their purchasing decisions. It is this reason alone that every (read on...)

Put The Old Dog Down? Marketing for Small Business

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When do you determine its time for a trusted old friend to go? Here’s the dilemma. Marketing for small business and professionals has undergone significantly change during the last decade. In general, business has begun to move away from ‘old dog’ traditional marketing to a (read on...)

Old Marketing VS New Marketing

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I woke up this morning catching up on LinkedIn’s ‘Top Headlines in Design, Marketing, and Advertising’ and ran into a post from Mashable that caught my interest. If you haven’t read it yet, you can follow the direct link below this article. It talks about the new age of (read on...)

Inbound Vs Outbound Marketing for Your Business

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Perhaps the single most important step you can take as an entrepreneur is to effectively market your goods and services. You can have the best products in the world, but if no one knows about them, your business will fail! When it comes to successfully promoting your business, you can choose from (read on...)

Is Outbound Marketing Dead? Today’s Sales Cycle Has Changed, Have You?

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Many sales and marketing professionals are struggling with the challenges of adapting to the new sales cycle. Successful companies need leads to convert to customers and without them those companies will go out of business. The new sales cycle requires an understanding and integration of inbound (read on...)

Your Edge Over Your Competition Using Inbound Marketing

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The fact is today’s consumers expect to find your business online. Consumers research your company, your products, your services and past clients experiences with your company using search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, in addition to using Facebook, Twitter and a variety of other (read on...)

How Inbound Marketing Helped Mike Get His Mojo Back

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I ran into a good friend of mine recently. Mike has been in direct sales for 15 years and has been highly successful. He is a can-do, nothing can stop me type, which has served him well in sales. He has been a consistent recipient of president’s circle awards at annual sales meetings. (read on...)

4 Things to Look For in an Outbound Marketing Virtual Assistant

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When it comes to your virtual assistant, it is very important that you can develop certain criteria or qualifications. You have to keep in mind that he or she is going to be your partner in making sure your business earns handsome profits and grows exponentially the shortest time possible. He or (read on...)