Advertising – A Different Type of Signage

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Digital placed-based media, long in its ascendancy as a legitimate advertising medium, appear poised to enter an entirely new realm of acceptance among professional media planners, according to a survey released in early July from the Digital Place-based Advertising Association (DPAA). According (read on...)

OOH Media – The Right Channel For Brand Advertising!

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Any kind or type of promotion practice of a brand carried through out of home or outdoor media comes under OOH Advertising. Brand owners prefer outdoor advertising media as it provides effective reach to target groups through interactive media. Neon signage, transit media, billboards, hoardings, (read on...)

Outdoor Advertising – Provide Exclusive Brand Promotion Solutions!

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An advertising activity is mandatory for any brand prior to its launch or even after its launch in the market. Many brands offer similar benefits or features, so it is mandatory for advertisers to provide promotion solution for their brands so that they are eligible to take part in any sort of (read on...)

How OOH Media Has Topped the Chart in Contemporary Advertising

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Advertising is a common practice of brand promotion widely adopted by brand owners and advertisers to popularise their brand image. Advertising is of various types and means. Depending upon the tools used, advertising is classified as television ads, radio ads, print ads, outdoor ads, internet (read on...)

Outdoor Seasonal Advertising

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A plethora of tools, techniques and strategies are available for advertisers to deploy in an advertising campaign. If you have a capable budget and resource, indulging in an outdoor ad campaign is not a difficult activity to promote your brand in the market. There are various types of advertising (read on...)

Modern Outdoor Ads – Out of Home, Out of Box!

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Creativity is on full swing in modern outdoor advertising. Whether it is a digital billboard ad or a simple backlit translit ad display, creativity is blended with the communication or graphic of the advertisement in such a way that it creates an appealing look to onlookers. Modern outdoor ads (read on...)

Contemporary Outdoor Advertising – Old Wine in a New Bottle

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Contemporary outdoor advertising is but old wine in a new bottle. Only the devices have been revamped and renovated but the objective, theme and purpose remains the same. Contemporary and conventional advertising both provides a win-win situation for brand promotion. After all, every object under (read on...)

Multi Touch Interactive Signage

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Now dynamic signage is pushing the boundaries of technology with this unique new solution for digital advertising. This solution comprises a special mesh that adheres to a window and has connections for either a computer or device then the media is then displayed on to the surface in such an (read on...)

Outdoor Dynamic Advertising – From Monitor Enclosures to Circular LED Billboards

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Outdoor dynamic advertising comprises of many different kinds of solutions from monitor enclosures, LCD enclosures and circular LED billboards – there is a solution for every need at varied budgets. One thing an outdoor digital signage project has to do is create a demand, this is the new (read on...)

How Education Facilities Benefit From Digital Advertising

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Almost all schools, colleges and even kindergarten educational buildings have the network capability to deploy some kind of dynamic advertising. This replaces the old fashioned static bulletin board, which is overflowing and cluttered with bits of paper – past, present and future, (read on...)

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