The 5 Best Offline Marketing Tactics

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Without some sort of marketing plan, most businesses are unable to attract new customers and boost their income. Some forms of advertising are more effective than others, depending on a company’s location or industry. Each business has to choose which methods are the most effective (read on...)

Why Use Direct Mail As Part of Your Marketing – Isn’t Everybody Online And Tied To Email Anyway?

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One of the biggest questions people ask about direct mail is isn’t everybody online these days? And, why would I invest money in my business (or what most people ask is why would I waste my money in my business) doing direct mail? First, you have to get over the misconception that everybody (read on...)

Five Offline Marketing Ideas for Martial Arts Businesses

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Owning a martial arts Dojo isn’t as easy as one would think. Even the best ones have high turn around rates. This is why they have a need for constant advertising. However, they also have to keep it cheap. Other wise they would have to raise their prices too high or go out of business. So (read on...)

2 Methods for Promoting Your Business Offline

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Promoting your business during the Christmas season is important. If you don’t share what you offer with others they’re not going to know you have the ability to help them in their time of need. You must show them what you offer and how you can help them. There are so many ways to (read on...)

Offline Marketing – Effective Ways of Carrying Out Local Marketing

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Sometime back, I came across a debate that offline marketing would come to die. That was back in 2007 and it seemed to be true, especially with the unexpected rocketing of internet marketing. This time and age, I have a side to support. With the current economic structures and the variation in (read on...)

How And Where To Advertise A Business Opportunity Offline

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While we are in a technology driven world, you should be aware that advertising your business opportunity can also be performed using offline tactics too. Businesses who have a “brick and mortar” store perform exceptionally well when they use offline marketing tactics in their local (read on...)

Powerful Offline Marketing In The Digital Age

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Traditional Offline Marketing Don’t think of these methods as too simple or mundane. They are very effective when done right and combined with other techniques in this article. 1) Classified Ads – This is something everyone should be testing in some form or another. It’s great (read on...)

Personal Branding: What You Can Learn From Barry White

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I was walking to the kitchen and heard my 15 year old daughter, Sarah singing. The song was “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Barry White. Although she was singing a version of the song by a group called “Cake,” she knew exactly who Barry White was, even though he died in 2003, (read on...)

Marketing and Advertising Your Business in a Down Economy

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As a Print Advertising Sales Consultant I get to talk to many business owners in a wide array of business categories. There are a couple of common denominators I have observed among these folks concerning business survival in “The New Economy”: Most agree that this is probably the (read on...)

3 Important Questions Before You Spend Money On A Brochure

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In the old days of marketing every business would have had a range of marketing brochures ready to be mailed out or handed over as part of the sales process. Now online marketing seems the mainstay with social media, email marketing and search engine optimisation part of everyday marketing lingo. (read on...)