8 Great Ideas For Medical Office Signs

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Medical offices face intense competition and are always in need of neighborhood support and a competitive edge. Adding unique signage and pure creativity is a great way to grab the attention of the new patients and attract them to your friendly and professional medical services. Here is a rundown (read on...)

A Brief Background on Signs

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Signs are used for a variety of different reasons and when you take advantage of them properly, you might be surprised with exactly what can take place. Understanding what goes into designing the signs can also make a large difference in what you can expect to see on your end. Here are a few of (read on...)

Effective Office Signs Begin in Design

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At a glance, custom signs may seem pretty straight forward, and when designed correctly, they are as clear as their message. However, there’s more than meets the eye to designing effective office signs. Think about it. Your business sign is practically your business card, whether its (read on...)

Custom Office Signs – Different Options, What’s Best?

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Beyond multimedia ads, posters, product labels and other marketing collaterals, you still need to keep your company’s image or “presence” visible in places or situations where you and your employees may be too busy to speak for the company. Custom-made office signs can help do (read on...)

How To Say Do Not Disturb in 12 Languages

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Typical office signage includes many phrases that we’ve come to accept as standard within a work environment. Some phrases, especially those related to safety, are often translated into graphic representations to make sure they are understood by everyone regardless of any potential language (read on...)

How to Select a Sign System

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A sign system is a critical factor of your design, in conjunction with practicality, of your enterprise. Any business needs interior signs and name plates, whether it is an office of one person or several thousands. The office signs maybe the most neglected items when someone designs an office, (read on...)

Name Tag – It is All About Who You Are

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I would say you are the luckiest person if you are wearing a unique name tag with a touch of creativity. Of course it is absolutely true. In work places, among those bunch of busy people from all parts of the world this is the small rectangular thing that makes you all the difference. It gives a (read on...)

Tag the Name

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Haven’t you often wondered how embarrassing it is, when you are with a group of people who have gathered for the very first time and have to speak to each other, but don’t know their names? Doesn’t matter if you are an outgoing person, and can introduce yourself every time and (read on...)

Name Tags – Self Promotional Labels

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A name is something a person owns in his own right. It is something that is meant to be his identity as a person. In our social lives, we don’t don name tags because we are used to communicating informally and disclosing our names at our own will. However, when it comes to business, (read on...)

Name Tags – Branding Yourself With Your Identity

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Name tags are used commonly in many social and commercial events where you proclaim that you belong to a certain organization or group through them. They are easily your gateway to getting some productive recognition if your motive is to promote your product or service. Name tags are of varied (read on...)