Successful Office Management: 6 Important Areas To Consider

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What is the key to successful office management? Successful office management is the crucial element that ensures optimal productivity from the workforce. There are basic guidelines to adhere to for efficient office management regardless of your company product or customer base. Primarily, there (read on...)

Don’t Let Your Employees Bring You To The Brink Of Disaster

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Customer Service and Operations are the two departments that are the life-blood of your company. As a service based business, everything revolves around completing the service safely, on time and in a way that makes the customer feel satisfied. If a driver doesn’t show up for work, you have (read on...)

Management of Offshore IT Company

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Ukraine, as one of the outsourcing centers in Eastern Europe, has hundreds of small developers groups who are working as a remote development team or office, each for his single abroad customer. And often such small groups have problems with administrative management like office management, (read on...)

A Career in Healthcare Management – How Much Do Medical Practice Managers Make?

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You’ve heard that healthcare is one of the few job markets that is still growing in a down economy and you think you might like to be a medical office manager. The question is: how much do medical practice managers make? The real answer to this question is “it depends.” Two (read on...)

Office Managers Run the Office When the Boss is Away

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Being an office manager is a big responsibility and a full time job. When you are an office manager, you run the office when the boss is away. Your duties as such will include most of or all of the following examples below. Answering the phones and customer service is a required job duty when the (read on...)