Sales Rejection: Does Your Sales Team Suffer From the Fear of Rejection

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In truth everybody suffers from rejection. Maslow in his hierarchy of needs identified that a fundamental need for humans is being liked. And if you think deeply you will come to the conclusion that you want to be liked to. Unfortunately, the reality is that people will say “no’ to (read on...)

Professional Services Marketing – Do’s and Don’ts

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I attended a networking event recently where there were hundreds of attendees visiting a wide variety of booths promoting everything from cable TV service to non-profit organizations. It was interesting to see the varieties of products and services being marketed, and even more interesting to (read on...)

Your Prospect Isn’t Thinking It Over – Ask For The Business!

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When was the last time your sales call ended in a “No”? Before you answer, think about it very carefully because most sales calls don’t end in “No”. Most sales calls end in no decision. I attended an opportunity meeting for a network-marketed product last night. (read on...)

Why A Quiet IT Team Should Make An IT Leader Nervous

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It turns out that an IT Leader really doesn’t do all that much. I mean, they probably don’t do any coding, they don’t debug network problems, and they don’t design next-generation storage systems. Sorta makes you wonder just exactly they do do? It turns out that most of an (read on...)

Believe it Or Not, I’m Walkin’ on Air – And I’m Not Afraid of NO

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Believe it or not, I’m walkin’ on air. I never thought I could be so free. I am… the Greatest American Hero. Note: The above reference is to an old TV show that ran from 1981-1983…if you’re not familiar with it…it was terrible, and I loved it! Look it up. What? (read on...)

Have More Fun and Make More Profits by Asking Those Who Say "No" For Referrals

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Every once in a while you’ll meet someone who doesn’t click. Perhaps you’ll call on a prospect who doesn’t buy your product or you ‘ll have a one-on-one meeting with a prospective networking partner and discover the two of you really are right for each other. Make (read on...)

Never Take No For an Answer

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Have you ever thought about why customers say “no”? Have you ever wondered how they can say no to the great offers you give them? Do you know what they are asking? They are asking; why did he give up? Too many salesmen give up much too early. In every sales instance the customer will (read on...)

Car Signs – Affordable Moving Billboard For Your Business

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Promoting your business with car signs is an impressive advertising method while on the move. This form of advertising using magnetic vehicle’s has become quite popular for small businesses and temporary applications. In fact great alternative in case you are hiring a car to promote your (read on...)