Closing Techniques – 4 Techniques to Close More Sales

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You are certainly familiar with traditional closing techniques, such as telling how affordable the product is. However, there are more subtle and more effective psychological tactics that produce better results. Someone once said that making sales is all about psychology and I cannot agree (read on...)

NLP Sales Training – The Most Effective Sales Techniques

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Most sales professionals have experienced the standard training. These basic trainings are often put on by companies to teach the bare minimum in selling techniques. NLP sales training encompasses the basics of selling and adds the specific underlying techniques that are completely unknown to (read on...)

Sales Tips – Magical Tips To Close More Sales And Boost Your Income

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There are certain sales tips using Neurolinguistic Programming or NLP that can help boost your sales through the roof. These sales tips are simple and easy to follow and implement. NLP is a system of techniques that help you connect with your customers and by using the techniques you can also (read on...)

Sales Book – How to Easily Close More Sales

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Maybe you read your sales book and you’ve tried out the techniques inside on your various clients. If you’re getting the results you want that’s great for you, but if you are not and you need some help there are a lot of techniques out there that can help you with the (read on...)

How to Triple Your Sales With NLP – Essential NLP Tips

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One of our clients have recently reported great success in applying NLP techniques in sales environment. They previously closed about 30% of incoming phone inquiries, and after 3 days of NLP sales training with us, they now close almost 90 % of inquiries. This article outlines the basic NLP (read on...)

NLP Sales Training – The NLP Sales Close

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Closing is obviously the most important step in the sales process. Closing is where the commission is made or lost. Most sales training programs do not adequately cover how to close effectively. Instead most sales training course teach very ineffective sales techniques that rely on canned closes (read on...)

Unleashing NLP For Business Sales

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You’re sitting in your office, wondering what the heck happened as a result of the financial crisis, and now you are worried the problems being created in the economy will cause a problem in your sales. You sit down and try to pen down a new strategy, but it’s useless: there’s (read on...)