Content Marketing: What It Is, What It Isn’t

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When it comes to something called Content Marketing, there’s been a growing amount of “noise” generated over the past few years. Those two words in and of themselves come across as rather vague, probably because their meaning has yet to be completely defined. One thing that is (read on...)

How To Use Visual Imagery In A Newsletter

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You have been printing and distributing your newsletters for a few years now, let’s say, and you never get much feedback the way you think you deserve. You know people are getting them, because you don’t get many returns from the post office. But no one ever calls your office and (read on...)

Newsletters: Design Tips To Attract Readers

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If you are like many publishers of your organization’s newsletter, you probably wish that a few more people were reading it. You occasionally run into people who are aware of your company but who simply don’t have any idea that you publish your newsletter. Maybe you should think about (read on...)

5 More Website Publications You Can Use to Market Your Business

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In a previous article, I introduced 5 website publications that allow you to demonstrate your expertise, and provide your visitors with information, tools and tips that can enhance their performance. These publications include Tips, Glossary, Frequently Asked Questions, Stories and Case Studies. (read on...)

Determining the Profile of Your IDEAL CLIENT

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Determining the profile of your IDEAL CLIENT is going to create MARKETING MAGIC so you attract more clients… By now you know how important it is that you have a marketing plan so that your business will grow on a steady basis. Be aware that marketing plans can and may need to change if your (read on...)

A Marketing Dinosaur That’s Not Yet Extinct

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Recently several solopreneurs have asked me to write about a marketing creature that still roams the Earth, but not in the numbers it once did: print newsletters. The interest in newsletters surprised me, but perhaps it shouldn’t, because in the right situations print newsletters can be a (read on...)

The New/Best Source of Marketing Is 200 Years Old – And Can Cost Nothing!

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Forget the newsletter, folks. Or the flyer or brochure. There’s a new invention on the market, and it’s been around for almost two-hundred years. It’s called a newspaper. Everybody knows what it is. Everyone has read one. We’ve all bought one. But what almost nobody knows (read on...)

Offline? Surely That’s Where It All Started

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You’ve only got to take a look around to realise that the web is not the only place where the written word exists. Undoubtedly, the internet has opened up many avenues for people to promote their products and services in a way that would have not been otherwise possible. Over recent years, (read on...)

Newsletters Can Get You More Business

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All business, from multimillion dollar companies to small local shops, want the same things: more sales, strong customer loyalty, and continued growth. There is no question that you appreciate your customers and enjoy the opportunities to show them your gratitude for choosing to utilize your (read on...)

Your Marketing Campaign: Important Tips To Produce a Successful Newsletter – Part 1

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Sending periodical newsletters to customers, prospects, and others, is a valuable and proactive technique that has a positive impact on the reader that cannot be achieved by other marketing tools. This article is divided into 2 parts, in the first part, I will go through the different types of (read on...)