Are You A Newbie Recruiter on Facebook?

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Are you a newbie recruiter on Facebook? Well in this post I want to touch some serious recruiting tactics that a lot of network marketers are doing on FACEBOOK. It’s starting to get out of hand the way some of these marketers are approaching Facebook recruiting and it doesn’t have to (read on...)

The Way to Build a Successful Network Marketing Internet Business

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Network marketing used to be a way of promoting products through face-to-face contact, where people invited other people they knew into their groups. Take Mary-Kay, Pre-paid Legal, Mona-vie, and countless others for example, everything is all very personal. Distributors invite folks into their (read on...)

4 Steps – What To Say To Your Prospects Over The Phone

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Prospecting Over Phone Have you ever called a prospect excited and confident that the call would go well? You might of even been thinking, “I’m going to close this one!” To your surprise the words you wanted to express just didn’t come out right. This happens to the (read on...)

Right Message Right Market

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Two success stories to share with you on advertising effectively. SUCCESS STORY #1 – Network Marketing Money Machine I received a phone call 2 years ago from a husband and wife team. They have done exceptionally well in the network marketing industry, and now was to go big on the speaking / (read on...)

Graduating From The School of Hard Knocks

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Many of you out there have a college degree, and probably some student loans to pay off as well. I also received a degree, but mine was free. No loans for me to pay back, but there was a price to pay when you are graduating from the school of hard knocks. Maybe some of you have taken a few (read on...)

Importance of Business Coaching for Your Prospects

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Attracting the right prospects to your business is vital but not always sufficient. The question you have to ask yourself is do you put both your time and money into offering the business coaching to them or not? Although the answer might seem clear as daylight, there still are numerous network (read on...)

How Empower Network Helps Your Network Marketing Business

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If you are in the network marketing business, you must have been wondering about the buzz being created by Empower Network. So what is it, and what is it all about? How can it help your network marketing business? These are the questions that we seek to answer here. What is the Empower Network (read on...)

Attraction Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing: Why Attraction Marketing Works

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Traditionally, marketing involves advertising on a large scale and then waiting for customers to come and purchase products or services. While that might have worked well for businesses earlier, consumers today are more informed and educated. They don’t like to be told that a particular (read on...)

The Down and Dirty Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic With Social Marketing

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When was the last time you were at a party? Well for me it was 2 days ago. We went over to some friends house for a house warming party. Many people there I knew, and many were new. But as the party went on we got to know the new people and they turned out to be great. I stepped back for a bit (read on...)

Persuasion Techniques – How To Increase Your Closing/Sales Ratio by 500%

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The persuasion techniques that I’m going to reveal in this article are going to drastically increase your closing ratios which will in turn increase your sales and your income. How Do Powerful Persuasion Techniques Effect You & Your Business? Whether you want to believe it or not, (read on...)