Beating the Sales Rut

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Its summer time and your prospects are telling you to give them a call in the fall. “Summer is busy, budgets are in review and with the vacation schedule ramping up, we’ll “see you in September”- as they say. Sound familiar? You thought things were moving along nicely, (read on...)

The Truth About Your Listening Could Shock You

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My all-time favorite habit of Stephen Covey’s classic book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, is habit #5: ‘First seek to understand, then to be understood.’ Referring to this habit Covey says this is, “the single most important principle I have learned in the field of (read on...)

It Is About People, People!

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If I had to add any P to the 4Ps in the marketing mix, it would be people. I am assuming though that when the 4Ps was introduced, the role of people in the marketing mix was taken for granted. If people needs and wants were not taken into consideration then who are we marketing our products (read on...)

Focusing on a Leader’s Needs

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We have all experienced or have been involved sometime in a group where the leader seemed more hypocritical with the regard of those he/she is leading. Often in the midst of the task, we feel disjointed and before long it affects the attitude and make-up of the group. As a leader, it seems (read on...)

How to Make Less Sales Calls and Write Fewer Sales Letters

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Simply, stop making your communication about you. It’s not about you; it’s about what your buyer wants and needs. There is an inverse correlation between a buyer’s need/ want and the number of contacts it takes to make the sale. In this case, to get Mr. Owner to take our call (read on...)

Can Anyone Sell?

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I don’t know about you but it’s not often I meet an effective sales person. It isn’t the buyer’s fault. Buyers, guess what, generally want to buy. And they can even buy without being tiresome or difficult if they are helped to buy rather than sold to. What’s the (read on...)

Discerning Your Needs and Values Is the Bulls Eye

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Knowing how to discern you own deepest needs and values is like hitting the bulls eye. All too often we settle for hitting a ring away from the bulls eye, a lesser need or value. When act on that, we do not get what we really want because we have not yet even figured out what we really (read on...)

Know Your Audience – The Paramount Principle of Marketing Psychology

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Understand who you are selling to and directly address their needs, assumptions and expectations. This fundamental principle of marketing psychology sounds simplistic and obvious, but it’s violated tens of thousands of times every day by marketers who should know better, as well as by those (read on...)

Bar Inventory System – Top 4 Questions to Ask

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If you are on the market for a bar system or considering a bar inventory to begin a better control of your liquid assets, it is best you begin to understand why you are in need of a bar inventory system. There are many bar systems out there and a simple search on the internet will bring up (read on...)

Needs and Strategies

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We can make better decisions when we separate things into two steps: 1) Becoming aware of our needs and values and, 2) Choosing a strategy to satisfy our needs and honor our values.  We often rush into action and collapse these two steps into one fast reaction.  Taking the time to get clear (read on...)