It Takes Leadership To Make Your Business Successful

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Cutting edge technologies, a great vision and best practices alone can’t make your business successful. Your organization must also be passionate about your vision of being extraordinary in your market place. This passion is best uncovered in your organization through good Leadership. If (read on...)

Micro-Management – Some Great Ways to Eliminate This From Your Workday

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If you are being micro-managed by your boss, you may need to re-evaluate whether you are in the right job and with the right employer. There really is nothing as disempowering as having your boss stand over you and check every element of your work, often making minor alterations to your output (read on...)

In the Face of Defeat

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Successful sales people close sales – often a lot of them. They also lose sales – sometimes a lot of them. Some losses can be explained away, and some cannot. All lost sales hurt, but some cause serious damage to both the individual and the company. When closed sales bunch up, you (read on...)

Compesation Management Driving Sales Performance

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Sales performance management is the art of combining performance data with improvement processes of the businesses with the aim of driving sales effectively. At its central point is the incentive compensation management practice and the impact of the business grows with addition of other critical (read on...)

Hotel Management – Is High Staff Turnover a Silent Killer?

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In an industry where staff costs are naturally high, workforce turnover can become a real killer in both profitability and reputation terms. I believe that by far the biggest reason is that Senior Management teams fail to quantify the costs involved. Research conducted by prestigious (read on...)

How to Keep Employees Happy

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There have been many studies about what motivates people. Many managers have asked the question, “How do I motivate the people who work with me?” It is important to throw away that thinking. You cannot motivate people, just as you cannot make the horse drink. Fact: people are (read on...)

The Value of Using ‘Just the Right Words’

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I have absolutely no idea where the following “story” originated…even who the author is – or was. What I do know for sure is that I read it many years ago, thought it impressive, and put a copy in what I euphemistically call my “Save” file. Why was I so (read on...)

4 Steps CIOs Need To Take To Make Their Process Improvement Projects Successful

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Pity the poor CIOs who gets the idea that what his IT department needs to do this year is to implement a process improvement project. It’s not that these types of projects are a bad thing to do, it’s just that all too often they don’t actually work out. Well, that was before we (read on...)

Whose Goals Are They, Anyway?

April 15, 2012 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Management 

Should the managing partner, CEO or leader set goals for the people on his or her team? Or should team members set their own goals? Your answer could tell me a lot about your leadership style. I could probably accurately predict how people respond to you, and even how accountable they are. Your (read on...)

Are You Neglecting the Basics?

April 6, 2012 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Management 

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the complexity of work. We have to juggle vast amounts of information, interruptions and still meet our deadlines. But what about the basics? They have the power to transform your business! Are you taking enough care to avoid misunderstandings in your (read on...)

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