How To Deeply Inspire Employees To Do Their Best

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To Inspire Is To Breathe Life Leader managers inspire employees, and leaders in general have the calling to inspire. Whether a pastor, a parent, a politician and so on, a leader breathes or blows life into the minds and hearts of others. “Inspire” is actually derived from the Latin (read on...)

How to Motivate Your Younger Employees

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Keeping your employees motivated is an uphill task especially if the majority is comprised of younger people. Most managers find it difficult to enforce authority with a young workforce that resists being told what to do and does not get affected by praise. If you are in a similar situation, you (read on...)

Creating Self-Managed Employees

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In this article, I am going to talk about how to create self-managed employees. We will look how to motivate employees to get the job done by having the employees tell you what they are going to get done. Let’s ask a question. Of these two, which task is more likely to get accomplished: The (read on...)

Employee Motivation – Work Effectively With the People You Have

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Employee motivation comes when employees know that they are valued by their employer and they are treated with respect. Employees are more motivated when they feel like their work is being appreciated, they are treated well and that above all, they enjoy their work and like to contribute (read on...)