Inspired to Succeed: Downstream Problems, Upstream Solutions

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A man walking along a river suddenly sees a local farmer being carried along in the current, struggling to keep his head above water. He heroically jumps in to the rescue. No sooner has he got the man to shore and caught his breath, but he sees another farmer bobbing up and down, screaming for (read on...)

10 Ways to Earn the Trust of Your Staff

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Trust is in short supply, according to a poll by Maritz Research. It found that employees were more distrustful of their organizations’ management than they were one year ago. Maritz cites “poor communication, lack of perceived caring, inconsistent behavior and perceptions of (read on...)

Winning Morale for Motivated People

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Enterprising Leaders have incessantly been engrossed in the bearing of morale on results throughout the ages, but the recent economic degeneration has unreservedly smashed businesses over the skull creating an upshot of gut-punched workers. Having survived copious rounds of layoffs, unnerving (read on...)

Do You Have Engaged or Non-Engaged Employees?

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The success of your company is based on the types of employees you have working in your office. The employees you manage can enhance your office environment, customer relationships, and profits. First of all, the immediate manager is the primary example of the type of behavior and attitude you (read on...)

Emotional Labor Abstraction and the Empirical Wisdom With Leadership

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The characteristic of an organization grows from the genes within its cultural DNA. Understanding that the genes are the people within the organization, and the DNA is the quality of the organizational product. The abstraction is the climate and practices being considering in determining the (read on...)

The Cataract of Critical Thinking and How Best to Create a Winning Team

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A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye that affects vision relating to aging. A cataract of critical thinking is the egocentric thinking that emerges from innate human tendency to see problems from a narrow self-serving perspective. Thinking irrationally is the inflected belief and (read on...)

How Do You Rebuild Company Morale? Five Suggestions

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For years, a Company’s CEO has had regular lunches with staff to foster communication, sharing of information and to maintain company morale. In recent months fewer and fewer employees are attending these lunches. Further, there is a lack of enthusiasm and a negative tone is beginning to (read on...)

Help Wanted! Or Miracle Needed?

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Have you ever visited a restaurant to experience instant disappointment because it seemed that the head waitress was on vacation, or you were seated to your table just fine but it took forever for your meal to find you? Well… did you happen to see the sign on the window or inside the door (read on...)

The "Happy Meter" – How to Improve Employee Happiness and Retention

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Introduction Here is a situation that happens to most managers at some point in their career: As a caring manager, you hold frequent ‘one-on-one’ meetings with each of your team members. In each meeting, you make a point of asking, “How are you doing?” Team member says (read on...)

How Form and Data Pollution Negatively Effects Team Morale and Stifles Production

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Many sales organizations from car dealerships to software companies have some way of tracking their goals and sales. Some managers particularly are obsessed with numbers, forms, spreadsheets, white boards, posters, signs, digital gadgets all to do about the same thing. The danger of using all (read on...)