Cash Flow – How to Stop the Bleeding!

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4 Areas and Questions to Improve Cash Flow Cash Flow is the life blood of any and every business. Cash is king and your business needs it to stay alive. Below are 4 areas and questions to help you improve the cash flow of your business. Spending Do you have a system that helps you identify what (read on...)

Hotel Management – Ancillary Revenue Streams – The Hidden Gem

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It is generally accepted that Revenue Management can only do that much to maximise the available inventory. As long as hotels will continue to live inside the simple concept of providing a room and a restaurant important revenue is left on the table, up for grabs. Hotels should aim to create (read on...)

Hotel Management – Expectations, the Eternal Nemesis of Reputation

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Expectations make or break a hotel’s reputation and the key ultimately resides in how honestly we promote our product. Glittering advertising unsupported by real value will always cost the earth in the long run. Meeting and exceeding expectations are based on a completely transparent (read on...)

Hotel Management – Is High Staff Turnover a Silent Killer?

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In an industry where staff costs are naturally high, workforce turnover can become a real killer in both profitability and reputation terms. I believe that by far the biggest reason is that Senior Management teams fail to quantify the costs involved. Research conducted by prestigious (read on...)

Your Business Did Not Make Money

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Starting a business may be one of the easiest things a person can do. The very thought of becoming a successful entrepreneur and gaining financial independence will motivate many people to start their own business. It does not take people long before they realize the difference between starting a (read on...)

Are You Being Paid What You Are Worth As a Salon Owner?

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In this article I ask you to take a long hard look at your position as a salon owner, and to ask, “Is it really worth it?” if you are not making the money you thought you would. I talk to many salon owners and the truth of the matter is that some of them would be better off working (read on...)

5 Ways to Destroy Your Website

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STEP 1 – Write Dull, Dreary, Rubbish The trick here, it seems, is to find the most spectacularly un-interesting aspect of your business (when you were established, how many offices you have, and so on) and write copious amounts about that. Remember always to end with “we fulfil all (read on...)

Areas Where You Can Invest and Make Money As a Small Business (Part 1)

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The act of deciding where to invest money could be a hard one for so many people. There is usually the fear of losing one’s hard-earned income, as well as the lack of knowledge concerning the prospects in the business areas. I personally recommend the following areas for anyone who wishes (read on...)

What Happens When the Pigs Don’t Eat?

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Wayne, a feed salesman, pulls into the yard and greets Donny, the farmer, outside his barn. He steps out of his truck and exchanges a hardy “morning” with Donny. After a few comments about the weather, Wayne asks about the new feed Donny has been feeding his hogs. Last month Donny (read on...)

The 3 Stones of Advertising Your New Business With No Money!

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The most important activity for a new business, besides providing a quality product or service, is getting the word out to potential customers that your product or service exists. It’s generally recommended that at least 2-5% of a company’s budget is devoted to advertising and (read on...)