The ABC’s of App Development

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App development is an important aspect of many mobile marketing strategies. It would surprise a lot of business owners to learn of just a few of the ways developing a presence in the mobile world could drive additional sales, even if their business happens to be something that doesn’t (read on...)

A Golden Age of Mobile Marketing

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Never before have advertisers had so many resources at their disposal, so many ways to not only get the attention of but to interact with their target audience; and the one thing that has set fire to this pile of kindling is the widespread availability of mobile devices such as smartphones and (read on...)

Mobile Marketing Solutions – Are You Reaching Your Wireless Customers?

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What do your customers want? When you are looking for online solutions to reach your customers, what are you really looking for? Well, let’s back up a little. It’s not what you are looking for. After all, every business wants an easily found website that tops the results page of (read on...)

5 Killer Make-Or-Break Tips When Using Mobile Marketing

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Marketing is the single best investment a business owner can make… “if” it is done correctly. Most business activities cost something but do NOT make money. Marketing is one of the only activities that can actually generate revenue. So the question becomes, “How should I (read on...)

Effectiveness of Mobile Marketing Solutions for Your Business

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Marketing is a fast-paced world and both new entrepreneurs and established businesses must constantly find other ways to reach their target market. If you would like to get ahead of the competition, you should think about using mobile marketing solutions since it is one of the most viable options (read on...)